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Importance of luggage bags for travel purposes

When starting a journey, luggage is the most important accessory to take with you. Whether you are travelling for a day, a week or a month, the right size of luggage will make your journey much easier, and your stay quite hassle free. The problem of buying the right size luggage can be solved through online luggage & bag shop. You're often confused about what to take with you on a journey and what to leave behind. There are capacity issues too when travelling. A light and smart luggage is the key for happy travelling. Packing your stuff in an organized way is also a problem. To solve all such issues, you need to buy luggage and bags that fulfill all your travel needs.

Buy luggage bags online from Kaymu

Your luggage not only defines the length of your stay but also speaks volumes about your personality. There are a variety of high quality luggage bags in Nepal, available at Kaymu. Many top-notch brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, etc. are producing luggage bags. The style and design of these bags vary; some being elegant in style while some are sporty and casual. Luggage bags prices in Nepal are based on their quality and utility. Lightweight and durable luggage, being efficient and convenient, are ideal for all sorts of travel purposes.

Different types of luggage bags for travel

Each type of luggage bag is ideal for a specific purpose. Here are different types of travel bags in Nepal mentioned below, from which you can buy the one that is suitable for your travel needs.

Oversized luggage or suitcase

Are you travelling for an extended time period? Are you taking the kids with you? If yes, then this is the best travel luggage for you. Being spacious and heavy, these suitcases have rolling wheels along with a retractable handle to avoid straining your arms. They provide enough room for a lot of things. The material is tough so that you can use it in rough conditions.

Carry-on luggage

Ideal for short trips, Carry-on luggage and bags fully meet the requirements of air travel. These bags have zip pockets on their exterior so that you may keep your stuff in an organized way. Some of these bags have rolling wheels and a retractable handle while some have a nylon made handle to simply pick it up. There is also a long strap to pull this piece of luggage across your shoulder.


These are small luggage bags that are convenient to carry. They require you to add in all the essential gear in them. They are ideal for travelling causally on an adventure or exploring a city or going for a road trip with friends. Moreover, a laptop and travel backpack is ideal when travelling alone. These are used for some serious travelling or for business purposes. These are compact in size and have two compartments, one for laptop and its accessories, and the other for essential travel items.