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When it comes to purchasing makeup, ladies have the option to choose from a number of products. A lipstick is necessity for every woman. There are different types of lipsticks in Nepal that you can purchase. From matte lipsticks, glossy and shiny, you can easily get the one you need. There are thousands of brands that manufacture and retail lipsticks. Lipsticks are made from different formulas which you can select according to your preference. Kaymu offers ladies with a wide range of lipsticks. There are a number of discount deals which shoppers can avail that will reduce the lipsticks prices in Nepal. Whichever products you select to buy will be delivered to you anywhere in Nepal with a cash on delivery option. So go ahead and grab your favorite makeup items online!

Guide for purchasing lipsticks

When you decide to buy lipsticks online, there are a number of factors that buyers must keep in mind. These features of a lipstick will help you purchase the right one according to your taste.

Type of lipstick

There are different types of lipsticks from which you can purchase the one you need;

Cream lipstick: These lipsticks have a creamy texture since there is extra wax added in these. These give the lips a fuller appearance and are usually very long lasting.

Moisturizing lipstick: People who have dry or cracked lips should go for a moisturizing lipstick. These will keep your lips hydrated and will not only add color to the lips but make them appear glossy.

Matte lipstick: Matte lipsticks have no shine or gloss. These make the lips appear bigger and fuller. There are so many colors for matte lipsticks from which shoppers can purchase the one they need. Out of all the lipsticks, matte ones last for a long time.

Metallic lipstick: These lipsticks have a higher ratio of pigment which makes them appear metallic and shiny. These are very color-rich which makes the lips glow. 

Liquid lipstick: One of the latest trends of lipsticks are liquid ones. These are matte and are in a shape of a lip-gloss. These enhance the shape of the lips and gives a fuller look. You can select from a number of colors according to your choice.


There are thousands of colors of lipsticks from which ladies can select. Lip makeup online shopping is made convenient at Kaymu because you can purchase all colors under one roof. You can purchase from a number of bundle deals that have several colors in one pack at one discounted price.


There are a number of ingredients from which lipsticks are made from. Make sure that none of the ingredients cause any allergies. You can choose from vegan lipsticks which are made from cruelty free methods.

Other lip makeup tools

There are a number of makeup tools required to apply lip makeup. Brushes, lip balms, lip primers and so many other tools are used. One can easily purchase all these tools online at Kaymu.