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Over the course of time, people need to have the best quality printers in order to get their important documents along with having it ready in case things are needed. Out of all the printer types, laser printer in Nepal is one of the most favored one there is. People prefer to keep these in their homes and offices because they are known to print the most amount of pages per second, use the least amount of ink and tend to be more cost effective.

If you are looking to buy a laser printer online, then Kaymu is the place for you to be. There are a number of different types of these available at Kaymu Nepal along with the least laser printer prices in Nepal.

Laser Printer Working

Before you buy laser printer online, you need to know about the working of the laser printer in depth to decide the type to get. Laser printers are known to use dry toners that are pulled towards the paper using an electromagnetism technology. The ink is then placed onto the paper. Laser printers are known to be highly effective when it comes to printing black and white pages rather than ones with images.

The resolution for the laser printer is measured in “dots per inch,” which is referred as dpi. The resolution is denoted as vertical x horizontal terms. If you want more detailed pictures, then you need to go for a printer that has a higher resolution.

Another thing to keep in mind is the print speed of the laser printer. This points to how many pages per minute or PPM are taken out. Many of the HP laser printer are made to work in a way that they can print a number of documents in one go.

Types of Laser Printers

When you have to buy a laser jet printer, you need to check the types of the printers being sold for you to decide which one to get.

Black and White Laser Printers

Black and white laser printers are one of the most common printer types that are present in the modern offices. Their only capability is of black and white printing, therefore they can work very quickly along with giving a number of pages per minute capability. This type saves money along with other resources that can be applied somewhere else. The Canon laser printer is best in this category.

Color Laser Printers

Color laser printers are known to offer the picture quality along with the style of the ink jet printer. They have the same technology as the monochrome laser printers but the only difference here is of the colored ink drums present. You can find the colors of cyan, magenta and yellow present which can combine to make any type of color. These generally come with a slower PPM rate than that of the black and white printers but many people prefer them due to their high quality printing capabilities. These tend to be slightly more expensive than black and white printers.