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The History of Keyboards

The history of keyboards ages back to the time before the advent of computer processors. It originated in the form of a typewriter in 18th century. These typewriters modified with time. The 19th century Qwerty Keyboard design is still a classic and its unique design is still being used in todays’ computer keyboards. From PC peripherals to touch screen on tablets and smartphones, the same keyboard layout is being adopted everywhere in the world. The concept of Keyboards emerged several centuries before the advent of the first computer.

Types of Computer Keyboards in Nepal

Over the course of years, computer keyboards have evolved to fulfil a countless different needs. They come in a wide array of innovative designs and sizes. Those days are ancient history when one size fits all approach was the only option available. In today’s age of technological advancement and innovation, keyboards come in many different types.

  1. Standard Computer Keyboards

These keyboards are available in many different colors and designs. Some keyboards are only available with computers, however some can be bought separately. They consist of 101 and 105 keys. These keyboards are generally connected to the computer via USB ports.

  1. Laptop Keyboards

These keyboards are generally more compact as compared to standard computer keyboards. The keys on laptop keyboards are sometimes fewer as compared to standard keyboards because of limited space.

  1. Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards came into existence in 1980s. However, the technology did not gain popularity until much later. As the Bluetooth keyboard technology gained rapid popularity over the course of recent years so did the use of wireless keyboards in Nepal. Due to their unique design and functionality,there is a widespread use of Bluetooth keyboards in Nepal.

The Advantages of Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards offer a lot of ease and comfort as they do not require any wires for connecting them to the computers. Users have the leverage to use them in any type of setting. They work perfectly with laptops. They can be easily carried around while travelling since there are no wires to get tangled. Wireless keyboards in Nepal are mostly preferred by people who are style conscious. Since the design of these keyboards is sleek and modern, these keyboards make your desktops look organized without any messy wires. On top of that, there are fewer wires to get tangled up behind the computer. A lot of world renowned companies such as Rapoo and Prolink keyboards produce top quality keyboards.

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