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Electric Kettles and Electric Boilers in Nepal

Electric boilers commonly known as electric kettles or tea kettles, are typically made of stainless steel or durable plastic and specialize in boiling water using an inbuilt heating system. Electric kettles were made to boil water without the need of a stove. Electric kettles are powered by electricity. In modern kettle design, the heating element is typically fully enclosed and runs automatically. Once the water reaches its boiling point, the kettle automatically turns off. This prevents the water from boiling away and crashing the entire heating system.

Electric kettles are among the most commonly used kitchen appliances in homes and offices alike. As the consumption of coffee/tea has increased exponentially, the need for preparing these beverages in a jiffy has also increased. And no device makes quicker coffee/ tea than the Electric kettles. These appliances have literally made our lives a lot easier and are very handy and time saving. For people who are on-the-go 24/7 , electric kettles have proved to be a life saver and probably are the most essential of all kitchen appliances. Electric kettles in Nepal are usually available in the form of a jug which makes the whole process of pouring water a lot safer and easier. You can buy electric kettles on many electronics stores and also online on websites like Kaymu. Kaymu offers the best electric boiler price in Nepal.

Find the Best Brands of Electric Kettles in Nepal

Kaymu offers a wide selection of renowned electric kettle brands from all over the world including Black & Decker, Philips, Scarlett and Sanford. With the ease of our cash on delivery service, customers do not have to worry about trusting the internet with their credit card information and can pay for their chosen products at the time they are delivered to their front door. From the premium quality tea kettles to electric cups, Kaymu is home to all kinds of latest home and kitchen appliances. Kaymu also offers top notch heating water rod at the most economical prices.

Design Features of Electric Kettles

Electric kettles include the following features:

  1. Thermostatic Control

All modern kettles come with an internal thermostat. It ensures that the water reaches its boiling point without evaporating. This feature also prevents the kettles from any possible heating damages.

  1. Power rating

Kettle designs have improved remarkably over the course of time with the corresponding increase in the heating efficiency.  A kettle’s power rating is a huge factor that determines its efficiency of heating the water. So one must consider this element before buying an electric kettle.

  1. Water Level Indicator

The level indicator clearly shows the current level of water in the kettle. This is a great tool for saving water as one only uses as much water as needed. These indicators indicate the maximum and minimum levels of water that the kettle should have. This feature acts as a safety measure and is used for preventing from any possible danger. The auto shut off function in few models is also a very important feature that ensures safety in case of emergencies.