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Technological advancement has revolutionized the human society. It is everywhere around us. In the world of electronics, JBL is a renowned name. An American company dealing in audio electronics, JBL was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing. He started off with designing and developing audio equipment and expanded the business to produce a variety of products. Due to its innovative designs, genius craftsmanship and advanced technology, the company has earned a prestigious name for itself, all over the world. Producing both personal and professional equipment, it has given the customers a worthwhile experience of entertainment. JBL products have improved the lifestyle of its customers.

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The launch of all the JBL products in Nepal have created a ground-breaking level of excitement among the customers. Each product has its own functions and features. It produces a vast range of products ranging from personal audio equipment to audio equipment for cinema markets and studios. For customer convenience, you can buy jbl products online from Kaymu which offers reliable and high quality products of the company, and that too in latest models. JBL product prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu so that these are accessible to a large number of customers. All the jbl products have upgraded features in them to enhance your audio experience.

JBL product catalogue

JBL has introduced a vast range of portable audio equipment so that these can be used anywhere. Whether you are at home, work or travelling, you can carry your required jbl equipment with you. JBL has now introduced equipment for vehicles, enterprises, homes, etc. Let's have a look at some of the common jbl equipment available today.


JBL speakers are highly demanded by the customers. These vary in size and shape, as well as functions and features. Loudspeakers are big in size but some are portable too. There are outdoor speakers which have a higher frequency and sound quality. In-ceiling loudspeakers are smaller in size but have a relatively higher sound capacity. There are also bookshelf speakers which are high-definition speakers with modernist designs and high performance. Some of these are jbl wireless speakers which are battery powered stereos. They have rugged design and digital amplification.


JBL earphones have built-in microphones for android and apple smartphones as well as premium sound quality to ensure a worthwhile user experience. JBL handfree is attached to the ear to and is connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth. This enables you to connect calls and listen to music. There are also jbl headphones which have wireless technology and Bluetooth.

Sound system

JBL sound system provides clear audio for home theaters as well as for studios, etc. It contains loudspeakers, soundbars, woofers, etc. All the sound system equipment are compatible to other electronic devices. There are also jbl bluetooth speakers which have advanced amplification for ultra-powerful sound quality.

Portable speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers include jbl flip, which has a bass port with a stereo speaker. These have rechargeable battery with LED indicator and maximum audio capacity.