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Voltage fluctuation is commonly experienced in developing countries. Excessive fluctuation may even lead to short circuiting and irreparable damage to your home and kitchen appliances like televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines etc. One thing which can save your devices from such hazards is a stabilizer. A stabilizer prevents voltage fluctuations to damage your devices by preventing high voltage to enter them. This is why it is such a wise idea to invest in a stabilizer. The stabilizer is not at all an expensive device but can sure save you damage worth a lot of money.

If you are tired of extremely high electricity bills or are just looking to conserve energy, then investing in an inverter is a good idea. Inverters convert the low voltage DC to AC power. Inverters are also used as an alternative source of power when emergency like power outages occur.

Both inverters and stabilizers are must have devices. They can save you massive losses. You can now buy inverters and stabilizers online in Nepal at the best prices right here at Kaymu.

Tips to select a stabilizer in Nepal

The following tips will help you buy a great stabilizer that will serve you well for ages:

See the specifications

First of all, you should overview the power, current and voltage of the stabilizer. This will help you in picking the one which is best suitable for the voltage fluctuation in your area. If your area has a lot of fluctuation, then it is a wise idea to get a stabilizer with a wider working range as this will protect your appliances.   

Check the place of installation

Where do you plan to install the stabilizer at? There are many places to do so, but most of the places are prone to wear and tear due to high chances of physical damage or water contact. The best thing to do is mounting. Wall mount will help you put the stabilizer securely on the wall. 

Look at the features

Keep an eye on some common and some unique features. In features, look at the indicators first. Indicators show how much voltage is being regulated. Most modern stabilizers have a digital LED display. Also opt for warranty period. A lot of stabilizers may burn out because of excessive voltage. Buying a stabilizer with warranty will give you accidental coverage.

Tips to select inverters:

Inverters convert the DC power to AC power. Following tips will help you buy a great inverter:

Know your needs:

You should calculate your overall power consumption. How many devices are you using? One of the key uses of inverter is in UPS. When the light goes and comes back, there is a slight transfer of current from AC to DC and vice versa. It is the inverter in the UPS which converts the current.