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Play all your Favorite Indoor Games

Indoor games are played and loved by children and adults all over the world. There are different types of games that people can purchase. Indoor games products in Nepal are quite popular because these work great for friends and family gatherings. Also these games might come in handy when there is bad weather outside, maybe you are sick or for days when you just do not feel like going out. There are a number of toys stores, book stores and stationary shops that offer indoor games. Shoppers who want to buy indoor games online in Nepal, can browse through a wide collection at Kaymu.

Types of Indoor Games

Shopping online has a lot of advantages as it saves time and money. Kaymu offers special discount deals and there are constant sales for all product categories. Shoppers can avail discount offers on games that will reduce the indoor games prices in Nepal. This make online shopping convenient and everyone is bound to find the perfect game to enjoy at home.

Dart Board Game

This is one of the most enjoyed game that is played indoor. Basically there is a circular board with scores that is hung on wall. The players use darts and hit the highest score. In the end whoever has the maximum score wins, there can be series of rounds. There are different sizes of dart boards that buyers can purchase. These are sometimes used in cafés, bars and coffee places where people can have a good time.

Board Games

The most oldest and traditional way to kill time is by playing board games. There are different types of board games that shoppers can purchase that include; Ludo, Monopoly, Snakes and ladders, chess, scrabble, operation and so forth. These games are enjoyed by children and adults. A number of games like chess are played professionally.


There are different card games that buyers can purchase at Kaymu. The traditional deck of cards can be bought in different qualities. You can also get customized or novelty decks of cards. Uno is a better option for children because it is simpler. Cards on the other hand is a onetime investment, as the deck can last for years. Also you can play thousands of games from just one set. These days’ games like poker are played professionally and there are several competitions held.

Table Tennis

Pingpong can be played outdoors but is usually preferred indoors. This games involves a table which has a net in between, you swing the ball with rackets. The person who misses a hit, gives the other player a score. In the end the player with the highest score wins. This game is also played professionally. Kaymu offers shoppers with table tennis bat and balls set at affordable prices.


This is the most exciting and fun game that is played indoors. This game involves a table where you are required to hit balls with a pool stick. The table can be bought in many sizes and equipment can easily be bought online.