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When you come across networking devices in Nepal, there are two very important elements to consider in these. These are known as hubs and switches. Each one plays its own role and is very important when you have to set up your whole network. Hubs & switches in Nepal are of great demand because they are used in all offices and even at homes.

Kaymu is known to offer the largest collection for these online. Moreover, we guarantee to give the lowest hubs and switches prices in Nepal for our wide customer base.


Hubs are known to be one of the simplest ways to connect two or more computers together. These can be used to connect servers and various other peripherals to form a base level network. The hub is supposed to receive signals from each of the machines connected to it via wires. Then these are broadcasted to all other connected machines. Cisco hubs are of the best possible quality so always consider to buy these.

Half Duplex Mode

The Half Duplex Mode is one terminology that you need to look at. A network hub can only function in his mode which means that one function is performed at one time. Therefore, it cannot send and receive the data together. Sometimes if too much information is coming in and out of the hub, the data will have to wait in line till the current one isn't processed. This can also cause delays in the processing. This shows that hubs can be limited to the number of nodes it can support.



When you are to buy switches online, always keep their type and configurations in mind. These are used to manage the traffic of the network instead of just broadcasting the signals. Each of the messages that is sent by a computer or any peripheral will contain some information about the sending computer. Therefore, it makes it the job of the switch to get the information across. When you aim to buy these, it would be a good idea to buy Cisco Switches or switches from any other networking products brands available at Kaymu.

Number of Ports

The number of ports in a switch is one of the most vital decisions there are. The ports on these range from 5 up to 48 which have multiple options present on them. There are also larger options available that are the best to use for large networks. The number of ports determine the number of devices that need to be connected to the network.

If you buy an eight port switch, then it is good enough for a small office or a household. The exact number of ports depends on the number of devices, the users and the computers that are attached to it. The more the ports present, the more expensive it becomes. Therefore, always check the requirements of your home or office when you need to buy these. This will give you a heads up on the cost that has to be incurred as well.