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Buy Security Devices and Cameras Online in Nepal

There is nothing more important for anyone than keeping intruders away from the home and workplace. However, the security equipment is not all about keeping an eye on the intruders but is also about keeping your family safe from any other threats which may include carbon monoxide, fire etc. Kaymu's online marketplace has on board the leading retailers of security and surveillance systems in Nepal. You can get the best prices for all your security equipment products at Kaymu Nepal.

Types of Security Devices Available Online at Kaymu

As mentioned above you can buy complete range of security devices online in Nepal at Kaymu. The country's largest online marketplace has all popular brands from across the world with latest models of cameras, alarm systems, fire extinguishers and a lot more.

Burglar Alarms in Nepal

The burglar alarms are known as the simplest way of hunting down thieves. The burglar alarm starts sounding when a person enters into a room he/she is not supposed to. A person requires the burglar alarm code in order to deactivate it otherwise it keeps ringing and warning people around, of the unauthorized entry.

Buy CCTV Cameras in Nepal

CCTV cameras as we all know are the primary requirement when it comes to security equipment. With their sharp lenses, these hi-tech cameras transmit live video of every room, corridor or outdoor place your home or office has. The CCTV cameras strongly discourage all kinds of intruders from entering into restricted areas. They are available in different qualities with regular or night-vision functionalities. These spy cameras also come with time-stamped footage that helps police recognize the exact time in case of any unfortunate incident. Kaymu also has range of hidden cameras in Nepal available online for home or office use at affordable prices.

Distress Alarms in Nepal

The distress alarms are known by many security professionals as the safest thing when it comes to home or office security. The distress alarm give you a button within your reach, that rings a specified set of phone numbers whenever pressed, in order to let those people know that you need immediate assistance and are in trouble.

Buy Dummy Cameras in Nepal

The dummy cameras come equipped with a flashing light to dodge intruders from committing any mischievous activity. They are cheap and minimize the risk of criminal activities around your home or office. Since they are dummy cameras, they do not record any footage, obviously!

Buy Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blanket Online at Kaymu

Kaymu also has the largest variety of fire extinguishers and all necessary equipment to prevent small fires from spreading further. Since these security equipment are necessary for use at commercial areas, Kaymu has them all for you at best prices.

Buy Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Nepal

Kaymu has the variety of latest carbon monoxide or smoke alarms that can even differentiate between dangerous and safe smokes. For instance, if there's a burnt toast, the alarm won't sound however in case of a dangerous smoke, the alarm wound start sounding.