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Spy cameras are basically cameras used for capturing videos or images without the knowledge of the other person. These are used for security purposes and sometimes to check negligence of other people. These are generally very small and can be disguised in any form. Spy cameras in Nepal are gaining a lot of popularity because these help capture thieves and intruders easily. There are a number of brands that have introduced their line of cameras at affordable price ranges. Kaymu offers shoppers with several models of spy cameras on discounted prices. The discount deals reduce the overall cost and spy camera prices in Nepal.

Guide for Buying Hidden Cameras

There are a number of factors that shoppers must take into account before buying a spy camera. It is very important to use hidden cameras for the right reasons. If you feel that someone at work is not doing their job right or your nanny is neglecting your child then you can use hidden cameras. You can also use spy cameras to prank someone or record your pets but do not use them illegally. Always be careful and do not make the mistake of recording someone without their consent.

Disguised Cameras

There are a number of disguised cameras you can get online at Kaymu. The main purpose of hidden cameras is that they are not supposed to be seen by other people. You can get a HD spy camera in form of nanny cameras, spy clocks and picture frame cameras. The nanny cam is the most popular one as you can hide the camera in a toy and monitor your nanny. These are used to find out what the nanny is up to around you child without them knowing. A spy camera watch or clock is also very popular because this has a small camera hidden inside which the other person cannot ever find. Spy pen camera is also quite in demand as it looks like an actual pen and no one can ever guess that it has a camera inside.

Picture Quality

Hidden cameras not always have the best picture quality but if you get professional ones then they have the best picture resolution. There are different cameras that buyers can get according to their choice; some with black and white display while others with colored HD picture quality.

Battery Time

Hidden cameras which are disguised as a pen or clock have a battery time which can last up to few hours. All the user has to do is charge the device for some time. There are several brands that offer good battery life of these hidden cameras.


Camera Lens

You can purchase different camera lens according to your requirements. Shoppers can select from high quality HD lens to record and take good pictures. You can also select from different sizes of lens which again depends on the purpose of the spy camera you need. So go ahead and grab all types of hidden cameras at Kaymu!