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Kaymu Nepal's beauty collection offers a wide range of cosmetics and make-up for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for men's beauty products or women's beauty products, we have it all. For all your hair needs, we have hair dryers, hair sprays, hair varnishes, shampoos and conditioners for various hair types, hair gels and even hair dyes along with other hair care accessories! If you are looking for face products, choose from makeup products to skin care products; we have the usual foundations, blushers, bronzers, concealers, mascaras, eye shadows, lip balms, lip glosses, lip sticks, primers and even false eyelashes, both the natural looking and dramatic ones. For the latter, we have cleaners, moisturizers, face masks and more. We also have a diverse online range of popular perfumes brands for men and women of all price ranges.

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Beauty is not just about your face and hair; it goes beyond that. For the ladies, we have nail polishes from O.P.I and Rimmel among others. Our other items include moisturizers for your skin and other grooming products. With renowned brands such as Maybelline, Revlon L'Oreal and Body Shop on Kaymu, buy the best beauty products in Nepal. Kaymu Nepal introduces online beauty products shopping in Nepal for the first time!

Kaymu's Topnotch Range of Beauty Products

Kaymu being the only professionally managed online marketplace of Nepal offers a comprehensive range of beauty products to fulfill your needs. We only work with the reputable vendors offering quality products. With a professionally trained acquisition team, we make sure that each seller is rated solely by the customers. So before you purchase any product, you can check the seller's rating and proceed with confidence. Moreover, a complete range of beauty products manufacturers are listed on our website to ensure maximum facilitation and convenience for our valued customers.

An Assortment of Health & Beauty Products Online

Apart from the beauty care products, we at Kaymu also offer health products which include nutrition packs, sanitary pads, digital thermometers, hair oils, knee caps, digital blood pressure monitor, orthopedic heat belts and much more. Besides, if you are seeking herbal medicines for minor ailments, you can also find them online at Kaymu Nepal.

Buy the Best Range of Perfumes at Kaymu Nepal

Kaymu proudly offers one of the largest variety of perfumes online. No matter the kind of fragrance or the brand of perfume you like best, we provide you the best and most affordable variety of perfumes to satisfy your self-embellishment needs. Whether you are seeking perfumes for men or women, you can find Hugo, Charlie, Intense Euphoria, Ferragma, Lalique, Jeanne Arthes, Lalique Lamour, DKNY, Lakme, Night Dive, Azzaro Club, Boss Calvin Klein, Blue Label, Mont Blanc, Coco Noir and several other brands online at Kaymu.

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