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Best Headphone Designs in Nepal

Beats headphones in Nepal are a safe bet for audiophiles. Many music lovers look at the audio quality of headphones. Bose headphones with good punching base make them stand out in earbud headphones. Sennheiser headphones are more tuned for pop music the padding on their cuff can end up giving you muddy voice.These music players are also quite sensitive to the way these headphones look. Today Beats by Dre are famous for their simplistic round headphones in bright colors with the trademark beats logo. Beats headphones price in Nepal is maintained at international standards, so don't hesitate in buying them from here. The skullcandyheadphones have a customization option. You can change the headband and ear padding to your liking. If you want they also allow you to customize faceplates with your name or anything you like. Today most headphones come in a matte plastic finish which gives them a solid hip feel.

Headphones for Mobiles on Kaymu

With mobile headphones you are expecting balanced sound for taking calls and occasionally listening to music. They shouldn't be too over powering with their sound and music experience. Earphones of mobiles should be lightweight so that you can carry them along in your pocket. Headphones like Samsung headphones are not only light weight but also extremely comfortable. A strong grip of mobile headphones allows you to multi task without tossing them back into the ear after every second and for extended listening sessions. Look for headphones that have inbuilt mic with a play and pause button. That way you simply connect the phone with your headphones and stick the phone in your pocket.

The Right Headphones for You

If you are a runner then you simply cannot have wires being suck in your arms and hands all the time. Wireless headphones are easy to carry and maneuver for longer listening times. For video editing and you want headphones that have a precise and exact sound. It is also better to have leather on the ears for extra base and noise minimization. This however makes a headphone extra bulky. Headphones prices in Nepal vary depending on what brand you are buying. A Xiaomi or Sony headphone in Nepal will cost you approximately twice as much as pioneer. But buying expensive headphones is not always a good idea. There are times when you need not be too technical with the gadgets such as headphones. When looking for audio options for your laptop or desktops you don't want something that is too hi-fi. A speaker for your computer should have good overall functionality in terms of sound, design and durability. These headphones are usually bought on a budget. People will only be using the occasionally for skype calls or checking some video during office. Status Audio HD One - These head phones cost less than USD 50 making them a solid option if you are spending in a budget.These head phones are usually without the ear cuffs to make them lighter.

Headphones for the best sound experience in Nepal

Your headphones are of great importance. Some people use them for fun related purposes while some have to use them for a large range of professional reasons. When buying the right headphones, always keep your requirements in mind so that you can get the perfect fit. Kaymu is offering the largest collection of headphones along with the lowest headphones prices in Nepal for its wide customer base to choose from.

Earbud headphones

Earbud headphones are more commonly known as earbuds come with a range of portable players. They have tiny earpieces that rest on the outer ear of the wearer or need to be placed into the ear canal of the user. Some major brands offer clips that give a more secure and tailored fit.The benefit of these are that they are light in weight along with being small in size. Many models have microphones along with navigation controls present on the wires. Moreover, their shape does not affect any of your accessories.

On Ear Headphones

On ear headphones are referred to as earphones as they are placed on top of your outer ears. These have closed designs that cover the ears for complete sound isolation. These benefit people who don't want to listen to any other sound apart from the one that they are hearing. Some of the major brands such Beats by Dr. Dre produce these. The best part of these is that they are comfortable and easier to wear.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones drown out the sound around the wearer by creating an anti-noise. These don't completely eliminate the sound, they just significantly reduce it. These type of headphones come in all forms ranging from on-ear ones to ear buds. You can listen to sounds with these on lower levels because the outside noise is already blocked. These prevents ear fatigue for a wide range of people.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones work well for a number of people. The major reason to use this type is that there are no wires for these therefore the hassle with them is gone and you are free to do whatever you like. Moreover, Bluetooth headphones also fall into this category. Before, the Bluetooth types were expensive but now the new models have falling prices to choose from. Just pair up your device with these headphones and go wherever you like because these are highly portable pieces for you to choose.

Full Size headphones

Full Size headphones are those that have large ear cups which have the ability to fully cover your ears. These are best suited for home usage or professional studio usage due to their large size. Also, since they are not portable enough, they should be stored in a safe place. The benefit they offer is that they give maximum bass and high loudness levels. Moreover, the fuller ear cups can create a better off sound stage that blocks all the sound from outside and seals the music inside.