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HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interference. These cables are needed by almost everybody who utilizes multimedia. The usage of HDMI cable is growing rapidly. There are several reasons to this but one of the reason is that it can be used to transmit audio and video signals between two different devices. This is done easily with the help of HDMI cable. Now a days televisions has HDMI inputs to attach gadgets such as; DVD, computers, gaming consoles, laptops, blue ray player and much more.

HDMI cables online in Nepal are available at Kaymu. Buyers can get variety of these HDMI cables which satisfies their need. However, before making a purchase, learn about different kinds of HDMI cables and keeping other factors in mind, get your cable.

Different Types of HDMI Cables

People are not aware HDMI cables and usually gets confused about selecting from alternatives. These are the factors you need to keep in mind before making a purchase;

HDMI Cable speed

These cables are divided into two groups; standard and high speed. Standard cables are capable of handling up to 1080i, high speed cables can handle higher. The use of these high speed HDMI is increasing with every passing day.


Internet connectivity between two internet devices can be made easy by using these Ethernet cables. Usually computers and laptops require Ethernet connectivity.

Guide about the Type of HDMI Cables

HDMI cables online shopping at Kaymu comes with a guide for buyers to select from different types of these HDMI cables. There are four types available;

1- Standard Speed no Ethernet is used by most home appliances. supports 720p or 1080i/p

2- Standard Speed Ethernet is used for internet connectivity. It works on standard speed and especially used for deice networking.

3- High Speed No Ethernet is used for 3D viewing typically. Deep in color.

4- High Speed Ethernet is required for internet connectivity, works with high speed. Also needed for device networking.

Deciding between the types isn't easy. Keep in mind that go for the kind which is supported by your device. Check for the resolution, always buy the ones which give you high definition videos. HDMI cables in Nepal are available at Kaymu, with the best quality and types.




Looking for a Perfect Length is Important

Strength or power gets distorted when the length of the wire gets longer. Buyers as a result needs to pay attention to the length of these HDMI cables. HDMI cables with standard quality transmits 1080i signals for up to 15 meters whereas; high speed cables can normally transmit 1080p for up to 7.5 meters. Buyers should pay attention to the length as well along with the specification.

Buyers don't have to worry about the newer versions of these cables because all the new models will be working on the same function. HDMI cable prices in Nepal at Kaymu, are low in order to fulfil the demand of the masses. Kaymu offers low price and high quality cables for the users.