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Handbags – The Necessity for every woman at Kaymu Nepal

Handbags are as important as anything to women in Nepal. Not only are these are a style statement, these work as a carry all for your important items that you need. Moreover, depending on the size, you can take them with you when travelling. Hand bags in Nepal define you as they represent your personality and style and getting the one that suits you the best is an absolute necessity.

Here at Kaymu, you can easily buy hand bags online at the best possible prices. Search using a large range of options and arrive to the one you like the best.

Handbag Styles to choose from

Kaymu Nepal does not make you think twice about the Hand bags prices in Nepal because they are already so reasonable. Instead, you need to place importance on the style that you want to buy. There are various styles that suit the requirements along with the functions that women want to use them for.

Tote Bags and Shoppers

Tote Bags and Shoppers are considered to be the best bags for travelling or if you need them for school and professional use. These have a large capacity and have a highly durable design present. Tote bags and shoppers come in many materials such as leather and canvas twill which let them last for a long period of time. The shape for totes and shoppers are either rectangle or square. Some have zippers on top while others may have buttons. There are compartments for keys, bottles, cell phones and small items.


When hand bags online shopping, always consider getting a satchel style because they look very classy. These feature two handles along with a flatter bottom that makes them easy to place anywhere. You have the option of carrying this bag everyday along with making it a fashion statement. You can also hold them in your hand or rest them in the crook of your arm.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are those hand bags for womens that are worn on the shoulder and can easily be carried for a long time. These can hold items such as a phone, tablet or e-reader. You can easily adjust the strap along with organizing the items that you want to keep. One of the popular designs in the shoulder bags is of the slouchy hobo which is a versatile option for a number of people.              

Evening Bags

Evening bags are referred to as cocktail and party bags as well. These add a touch of grace to your formal attire. They can be made from glossy materials such as silk or can have embellishments on them. Due to their small size they can hold a small number of things such as your phone, a lipstick or a compact mirror.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags have a long strap that lets you wear them across your body. Many ladies use this when they have to go to school or university as they are easy to carry. You have the option of getting a petite or a large one for various purposes.