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Best Graphics Cards in Nepal for Gaming at Kaymu

Buy graphic cards in Nepal from Kaymu at highly affordable prices. When it comes to gaming, the use of graphics cards is pretty much imminent. Graphics cards essentially influence the quality of what we view on our laptop screens. To achieve high-end gaming, you should be able to get the greatest number of frames each second from your gaming spree. So if you are looking to enjoy an evening with the best gamers in town, you have stopped at just the right marketplace. Browse Kaymu's online shopping community to get access to a whole range of graphics cards according to your graphics requirements.

Model Number

A key performance indicator(KPI) as regards a graphics card is the model number.The model number denotes the processor,bandwidth and memory. If you require a card that translates into higher game performance, choose the card that ranks the highest on the performance tier. A great deal of research goes into finding the link between higher performance cards and their respective model numbers.


A higher memory is not something to chase after, but bandwidth certainly is. Bandwidth is likely to differ based on the model number and performance ranking of the card. Get your hands on graphics cards from brands like NVIDIA and VGA. Graphics cards from other notable brand names such as ATI offer energy efficient consumption and innovative upgrades every now and then.

Other Factors That Affect Gaming

Although the graphics card is a very critical aspect of your gaming computer, much of how your system performs depends on other aspects too and it is also equally crucial to be aware of the constraints your computer faces. An older processor in your desktop computer would not be compatible with a high performing graphics card. If you have monitor or screen that is old,it would not be able to accommodate, it will not be needing a costly graphics card.If you are looking for a multi-screen gaming experience with surround sound, a low range graphics card would not work. Therefore,you should know exactly how and why you will be needing the card and any revamps that might be necessary.

Identify and Choose According to your Required Graphics Intensity

Take your pick from graphics cards of different capacities according to your gaming needs.Much depends on whether you are a heavy gamer or a moderate one. You will also have to check for your computer's or laptop's compatibility with an upgraded card. Place your orders for graphics cards online at Kaymu Nepal and avail our free shipping and cash on delivery which is provided at your doorstep. You can order via a convenient and hassle free mobile app for shoppers in Nepal, allowing them to buy graphics cards on the go through a few taps on their smartphones. Buyers can also choose to compare and contrast the different technical specs and features of various types of graphics card and choose whichever is best suited to their needs and of course, budget.