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Girls love fashion. Clothing for girls has immensely evolved over the years, as fashion designers are creating clothing lines specifically for the younger generation. Girl's fashion styles have gone through dramatic transformation over the years. Since 1950's up till now, girls fashion has tremendously changed to a great extent. In 1900's girls were seen wearing dresses down to the knee. From the conservative era of 1950's to the modern era of 2015 girls have seen a wide array of fashions. Now, girls wear every dress comfortably, ranging from short skirts, to tight jeans, a girl would wear the perfect outfit according to the occasion. Different types of girls clothing in Nepal includes summer dresses for girls, prom dresses, formal dresses, party dresses and flower dresses. The choice of different dresses depends upon the occasion a girl is buying the dress for.

Summer Dresses for girls

In the heat of summer, there is nothing as comfortable as a soft and comfortable summer dress for a girl. Popular design styles for summer include, traditional dresses, tea dresses, jersey and denim dresses.

Few tips for buying the perfect summer wear:

• Select the Right Fabric

Fabric selection has a great impact on body temperature. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen and denim are good to wear in summers. These fabrics are easily washable and are usually wrinkle resistant.

• Fitting is Really Important

Summer dresses should be loose enough for letting the air to pass. A short dress can be a good choice to wear as a swimming costume but not appropriate for wedding ceremonies.

• Choose the Right Color Pattern

Dark clothes usually absorb more heat as compared to light colors. Always choose light colors like light blue, light pink, light orange or light green. For more details on choosing the perfect summer color.

Formal Dresses for Girls

Every girl wants to look beautiful when it comes to going at a prom night or a formal party. Choosing the right dress is really important for such occasions. It can add to, boost in confidence. There are various types of formal dresses for girls such as, flower girl dresses, pageant dresses, princess style gowns and knee length party dresses.

Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Formal Wear

• Style

The first step of selecting a formal dress is deciding the type of dress you want to wear. Young girls are comfortable in tea length or shorter dresses.

• Comfort

Comfort should be the first priority for choosing the right type of clothes. No matter what the occasion is, staying comfortable should be your first priority. Choose the appropriate length that will not present a tripping hazard.

• Color

Cool shades such as purple and blue compliment darker complexions well. Fair complexions look better in light shades such as white, pink, light green and yellow.

• Measurement

Always measure the formal dress before you wear it, the perfect measurement takes measuring chest, weight, hip and length.

Choosing the right type of dress can be a hard task for girls. But by keeping few important points in mind, the right dress can be purchased. Always keep season, style, color and comfort in mind while buying any dress. Also, consider the occasion that you're buying the dress for. Let Kaymu help you in getting the right dress for yourself.