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Unlike electronics furniture pieces, for your house or office furniture, are bought only once or twice in a lifetime. A lot of thinking process goes into the final decision because if you end up buying something you get tired of in a few months then you will have to stick to it. Online furniture shopping in Nepal is done according to different eras. This simply means that every piece of furniture we buy today has its roots in the history of some place. The ancient Egyptian furniture designs incorporated a lot of carving and inlay. Like most ancient Egyptian interior the furniture has animal inspiration of animal legs as the legs of chairs and leather on the back of beds. Ancient Greek furniture again as animal inspired wooden pieces as seen in classic storage cabinets. Klismos, which are chairs with round back rest, were first seen in ancient Greek furniture. Classic Greek furniture mostly has black as base color and golden color for craving. Medieval furniture style is not so popular these days as it is too overwhelming for small spaces. The wood was too dark with intricate but elaborate carvings and there was a lot of wood used in it making it too heavy overall. The renaissance furniture again braced heavy carving on dark wood. Lastly, the modern and inexpensive alternate is inflatable furniture that is taking its place in modern houses in Nepal.

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The colonial style furniture refers to the golden British era. This is when people were doing away with too much carving. The material used was still wood but in a natural, lighter color. We see narrower legs and delicate cane chairs in this style. Modern and contemporary furniture is the first time the world saw furniture crafted out of something other than wood. This furniture uses metals such as copper and steel of chairs and rot iron tablets there is also a lot of use of plastic in furniture sets. Bed sets with straight line design and high gloss finish are very popular pieces of furniture in Nepal.

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When it seemed like people were just not done with intricate woodwork the revival and rococo era of furniture came. This furniture is very formal and fancy. A typical rococo sofa will have elaborated golden frame with humps inside it would be quilted with velvet, silk or a formal fabric. People prefer this kind of furniture at formal areas as a drawing room and dining room furniture, fancy studio or show rooms. A complete shift from historical carvings that restricted the art of design was seen in the new art furniture "art nouveau". This furniture is unusual and more inspired by nature, it is curvaceous and can be seen in the form of modern outdoor furniture. The furniture has flat decorative patterns that can be perfect for lobby or living room. If you are looking for living room furniture then you can buy furniture online in Art deco's angular style. Every few years we see the return of the 1920s trend of geometrically balanced new and second hand furniture. Art deco tables and consoles are very popular for living and lounging spaces.

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Whether you are planning to buy wooden furniture, wrought iron furniture, plastic furniture or any other type of furniture for your home or office needs, Sellers at Kaymu offer the best furniture prices in Nepal. However, before you jump start online furniture shopping in Nepal, consider the areas of home you want to buy furniture for. Kaymu Nepal does also offer kids furniture at very affordable prices to adore the comfort of our little ones.