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Freezers Shopping Online in Nepal - (15 products found)

Why is freezer an important kitchen appliance?

As the name implies, freezers provide storage capacity for food as well as perishable items. These are an essential kitchen appliances which have a number of uses. You can freeze a variety of food items in them, ranging from home-cooked lasagna to vegetables and meat. Therefore they save your time as you can stash in the leftover food and use it some other time. The food will stay fresh and you simply need to microwave it before eating, so that you can get a delicious and healthy meal every time. Moreover, you can cook in bulk and save for the entire week. This will also cut down your expenditures and extra effort. Due to their advanced features, freezers can store in everything, thus giving you a peace of mind.

Buy freezers online from Kaymu

Chest freezers are better than upright freezers because they are the solution to all sorts of storage food. They retain cold and are more energy-efficient. These are the long-term investments for a kitchen, upgraded with advanced technological features. You can buy freezer online from Kaymu, which is available in varying sizes. Many electronics brands including Siemens, LG, Hisense, etc. are producing the latest models of freezers. Freezer prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu but are mostly based on their features and functionality. A high quality, durable freezer is perfect for your kitchen.

Features of a freezer

A deep freezer is an appliance that is not only convenient to use but also but also has smart functions to efficiently handle your cooking issues. Let’s have a look at some essential features within a freezer.

Compartment dividers:

There are plastic dividers within a freezer that enables us to compartmentalize the stored items in an organized manner. There’s a compartment for fruits and vegetables, one for uncooked meat, and others for ice-creams, cooked meat, frozen items, etc. It is easier to find out your required food items this way.

Manual and self-defrost:

Manual defrost freezers are energy-efficient but their door shelves are not as cool as the interior. Self-defrost freezers in Nepal are much more efficient in this way, since they have the same temperature within the interior as well as the doors and shelves.

Soft-freeze section:

This section is best for foods such as ice-creams which you don’t want to turn rock hard.

Tiered bins:

This feature allows better organization of the contents of your freezer. When placed into tiers, each item will gain maximum coldness and there will be no mixing up of odors.

Interior light:

Since a freezer is deep in width, you may require light to clearly see the freezer contents.

Things to look for when buying a freezer

Based on the location, where you will place your freezer or on the storage capacity you want to utilize, you must buy the right size of freezer. A mini freezer is bought when you have a small family. Determine the freezing capacity of the freezers during load-shedding. Look for an energy efficient freezer and decide whether you want manual or self-defrosting freezer.