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Foundations at Kaymu Nepal for a smooth and flawless look

Foundation for the face can work wonders. It can cover up your acne scars, the current blemishes along with giving you a complete and full look. Many of the top face makeup brands create the best foundation formulas that people can use on their skin.  

You can buy face foundations online at Kaymu Nepal because we offer the largest range available right here to choose from.

The Right Formula for your Skin

The first thing to keep in mind when buying a foundation is to know the skin type. Different Foundations are developed for various types skin care. One thing to see is that the skin type of women can change according to the weather. Winters can make the skin dry while summers can make the skin oily.

If your skin is oily, then go for an oil free or oil control foundation. For people with dry skin, they should go for moisturizing foundations such as hydrating or moisture rich ones. Combination skin people should for cream-to-powder types that suit all skin types.

Type of Foundations

While doing face foundations online shopping, you need to keep the type in mind. This decision directly depends upon when you want to use the product along with your skin type.

Tinted Moisturizers

Tinted moisturizers are one of the pricey ones when you compare face foundation prices in Nepal. These are considered to be the perfect options when the user does not require a huge amount of coverage. The benefit of this product is that it relieves the dry skin along with giving it a complete finish. There is only a slight hint of foundation present in this.

 Liquid Foundations

Liquid Foundations are a highly popular option in terms of face foundations in Nepal because of their consistency. These can easily be applied onto the skin and it blends in a consistent manner. A benefit for this is that you can add layers of the product to the area that requires more coverage without making it look out of place.

 Cream Foundations

Cream Foundations are the most portable of all. These come in a compact or a stick style that every person can carry easily. These can act as a foundation along with a concealer that can be used for on-spot treatments. Cream Foundations have thick formulas that can easily cover all imperfections.


The Cream-to-Powder foundations come with a highly different formula. When you are applying these are in a liquid form and when dried up, they turn into a powder finish. This highly light weight formula is easy on the skin and can be used for multiple skin types. The Cream-to-Powder foundations provide full coverage to the user.

 Mineral Foundations

Mineral Foundations are the new makeup options being used at the moment. They are made using some of the purest natural ingredients such as various SPF formulas, vitamins and minerals that keep the skin in a good condition along with keeping people safe from allergies. This gives a soft look and feel to the makeup.