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Food Storage Shopping Online in Nepal - (18 products found)

Keep your food safe in the best quality food storage containers

Food storage containers in Nepal are used by a large number of people. There are a number of purposes present for them such as storing food, using them as lunch boxes or even keeping them for dry stuff as well.

Food Storage containers come in a multitude of designs and shapes that people can choose from. Moreover, the material manufacturing of these is also highly different.

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Container Types and Materials

When you have to buy food storage containers online, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the material that is being used in it. The material used in the production affects the ability of storage, the place to keep the boxes, the size of the container and a number of other things. When buying these, always keep the features in mind so that a proper and highly well-informed decision can be made. The materials used in the manufacturing include:

Glass Food Containers

Glass containers and boxes are manufactured from a highly automated process that involves a lot of heating and molding. These containers are used in microwaves for heating and baking purposes as well. People use these because there are no dangerous chemicals present in them that can affect the food. For people, who have to store the dry food, they can use the desiccant packages as well. These are known to keep the freshness level of the food.

One primary purpose of using glass containers is that they can hold a number of different liquid forms in them. This way you can see the contents of the container easily along with keeping your food cold as well.

Plastic Food Containers

Plastic Containers are used by masses in Nepal. Not only are these used for lunch purposes, they are present for everyday use as well. The most common use for these is for air tight storage of foods. Plastic containers are highly handy when it comes to storing liquids and dry foods. They are highly light in weight.

Plastic containers are known to come in single box types or sets of boxes that people have the ability to use. They start from the smallest ones and go up to very large ones. The benefit of plastic containers is that they come with their own lids that can be placed upon the boxes.

Metal Food Containers

Metal Containers are used by many food processing units. The most frequently used sub material in this is of stainless steel which is highly used. Some people are also known to store items that can be used later on. These food items are generally not perishable and can last for one or two weeks. Metal containers can be stacked on top of each other as well.