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It is widely known that shoes represent our persona. Well somehow this statement is correct. The effort we put on selecting the shoes for our feet really does have a worth. Whether shoes match your dress or not, the element of sophistication and suitability matters a lot, especially for the females. They spend most of their time in selecting the right accessory or footwear for themselves. In terms of shoes, they are never ready for any sort of compromise so that is the reason why genius designers from all around the world are coming up with enthusiastic ideas to satisfy the women.

Considering the prime classes of shoes, flats are the ones that are always admired by everyone. Whether a lady has decided to wear them for parties or for casual purposes, flats are always there to demonstrate the soothing facilities. The interesting factor about flat shoes for women is that they are not only comfortable but are modish enough to brighten any event.

Marketplaces are made to show multiple functionalities and services at the same time. These platforms always have variety so that customers don't have to waste their time to choose the right targets. If these services are provided through online portals then everything seems splendid. With reduced flat shoes prices in Nepal, Kaymu is the stage that always comforts the audience. The testimonials and buyers' reviews on the website are the solid proof of these facts.

Flat shoes types

Ballet shoes

You might have heard of the famous Hollywood movie named Black Swan. The type of dance portrayed in it is actually ballet dance. This dance requires flexible feet movements that is why the shoes for such dancers are comfortable and light. To buy flat shoes online, do consider this option if you are desiring thin sole and soft leather material.

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are directly linked with formal events. The shapes and hues force these shoe types to be worn on particular occasions which are usually official or organized by the association where you work. They are also apt for formal dance parties.


Soft leather is also the significant part of moccasins. These shoe types are known as outdoor slippers because they look casual and chic at the same time. The upper part is usually ornamented with embroidery. Previously they were mostly worn by the people of North America or Europe but now they have become the endearing entities for ladies all around the world.


The kind of ladies flat shoes in Nepal that is preferred to be worn for indoor purposes are slippers. They are known to be the lightest shoes and they are particularly less stylish than other shoe kinds. They further have classifications like evening slippers, closed slippers, sandal slippers and slipper boots.


Flexible sole created by jute rope is the part of these shoes. They are very casual and have mostly cotton or canvas fabric on the upper part.