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Whether you are in search of latest USB flash drive models or you are looking for USB drive prices in Nepal, Kaymu is at your service with the largest variety of USB drives to help you with all your personal and professional data storage needs. There are many different types of flash drives available in many different sizes and designs. The most popular brands manufacturing flash drives include Kingston, Sony, SanDisk, HP, Apacer, Transcend alongside many others.

Things to Consider When Looking for USB Drive Prices in Nepal

While you browse through Kaymu to figure out the latest USB drives in Nepal, there are many different features that need to be considered. Please read below to find out the things that need to be there in a modern USB flash drive.

Storage Capacity:

Since the one and only purpose of a USB flash drive is to store your data, it needs to have sufficient storage capacity. To make sure that you buy USB that best suits your requirements, you should first figure out your requirements. There are USB drives from 4GB up to 128GB available at Kaymu’s online marketplace. It all depends on your budget and minimum data storage needs. The Toshiba USB drives are popular because of higher storage capacity and moderate prices.


The speed of a USB flash drive is calculated in terms of its data transfer rate. A USB that takes too long to transfer files to and from other devices is a real nuisance for most of us. This is why the flash drives with slower speeds are avoided by professionals who are aware of its cons. So, the flash drives with higher data transfer speeds should be preferred to ensure smooth and speedy workflow.


The security of a USB drive is another important thing that needs to be kept in mind. Your data needs to be secure from all kinds of unauthorized access. The USB drives with component level encryption allow you to keep all your data safe from unapproved persons.Transcend USB drives are popular for their security features.


The USB drives need to be good looking so that you can carry them with full confidence. Many different types of stylish USB flash drives are manufactured by all the renowned companies these days. Men and women use them as a part of their keychains. Modern and stylish USB drives for women also come in bright colors to complement their clothing.


There are USB flash drives made out of plastic while others are made out of metal. Both are good in their own way as the plastic flash drives are extremely lightweight and are the easiest to carry whereas the metal USB drives are weighty but their biggest advantage is the durability. The stainless steel USB drives do not break easily and can even be used roughly.

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