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The mobile industry has grown by several folds in the last few decades. Every year, leading phone manufacturers come up with innovative and amazing phones which completely spellbound the audiences. Not only are the smartphone giants coming up with unique phones but also other manufacturers like Karbon, CDM and Lava are offering great devices to users. This means that no matter what your needs or budget are, you can easily find a phone according to your preferences. You can now get the best featured phones prices in Nepal online at Kaymu.

How to buy featured phones online

Given the abundance in mobile phones, it is not always easy to shop for them. You tend to get confused as to which phone would be right for you. To help you out in picking the right cell phone of your choice, the following guide will be really useful.

What to look for when buying featured phones

There are many things you should consider when buying a phone. The following are some of the key elements that must be considered:


The first and foremost thing is to consider your needs and requirements. What will you be needing out of your phone? Will you be using it for multiple purposes like taking pictures, playing games, watching movies, browsing the web, using apps etc.? Or will you be using it for basic purposes like calls or text messages? Knowing your needs is essential and will help you in picking out a great phone.

Specs and features:

Once you have determined your needs, you will have to match them with the specs and features of each phone. All phones vary in function, in terms of their built and their software. It is, therefore, important to match the needs with the features of the phone. Always consider features like RAM, processor, battery life, camera, screen etc. Knowing what you want out of the phone will help you in selecting the right specs.


It is always important to ensure that the phone you buy has at least a year's warranty. The warranty covers the cost of repairs or any defects you may encounter. Having a warranty gives you peace of mind.

Brand image:

Which brand you choose can have all the say in your overall experience and satisfaction. You need to take into account the reputation of the brand and buy accordingly. You don't want to be buying an unknown brand, which doesn't give you any support or after sales service, only to regret it later. Always buy from trusted and well reputed brands, as it will give you much better performance and support as compared to unknown brands.


Price is always a major deciding factor for most people when it comes to mobiles. Some people opt for premium phones, which are priced higher while others opt for phones which offer the greatest value for money. It all comes down to your personal preferences which phone and price range you opt for.