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Buy Face Powder in Nepal

Most women wear makeup every day. Whether it’s for office or for a night out with family and friends. Every woman has her own array of products at home that she chooses to look even prettier. The foundations lays the base for the makeup to be applied. So choosing it is a big deal. The base can hide all blemishes and flaws present on the skin. This gives an even tone and complexion and gives a smooth look to the face. Face powders give a final touch to the foundation and prevent the skin from looking oily. Women need face powders in Nepal just as much as in any other country. You can buy face powder online from Kaymu.

Kaymu offers a wide range of products at reasonable rates. Different types of face powders are available from which customers can choose the best one for them. Face powder prices in Nepal are very moderate and buying them online can further reduce the otherwise travel costs. There are a number of things that you should know before starting your face powder online shopping. So here’s a guide to help you through with it.

Types of Face Powders

There are three basic types of face powders available in the market.

Loose Powder: this is the most commonly used type. The box has loose powder which can be applied with a brush or a sponge. This is suitable for people who have an oily skin. The powdery texture helps curb the oiliness. Loose powder is also very effective in giving a complete look to the makeup. It holds up the base and lets the makeup stay on for longer.

Pressed Powder: this is also known as pan powder or cake powder. This is loose powder pressed into a solid cake form. This is creamier and is suitable for people with dry skin.

Cream-to-Power: this is basically a mixture of creamy foundation and pressed powder. This has a greasy texture which disappears when it is blended on the skin. This has the best range out of all types.

Matching Powder with your Skin

It is very important that you know your skin type before buying a skin powder. What type of skin you have determines which powder type you’ll buy. If you have any skin allergies then you should see the product details and ensure that it’s not in there. The most important thing however is matching the skin color with the powder. Most people prefer to buy one shade lighter than their own skin to give sort of a glow on the skin. But if you’re going for a more bronze look then you should buy a darker shade.

Features of Face Powders

Face powders can be used in different ways. They can be used to give the finishing touch and give a compact look. Or they can be used full range and used as the foundation for the makeup. Many companies are providing powders that help keep the skin away from UV rays. So it not only makes you look beautiful but also protects your skin.