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There is no doubt about the fact that the demand of face care products in Nepal has remained massively high over the years and cosmetics industry is one of the few business industries that have never failed to grab the attention of public. The reason behind this fact is that everybody likes to look good irrespective of the circumstances. In this regard, many different cosmetics companies have come into being over centuries. People of Nepal are as conscious about their looks as people in any other part of the world which is why the demand for face care products in Nepal is exceptionally high. The beauty and cosmetics industry in the country takes a major share of revenue generated by the local business organizations. If you are also fond of face makeup in Nepal and are seeking an online marketplace where you can find a comprehensive range of makeup products in Nepal, you are at the right place! Whether you are conscious about Let Kaymu guide you about makeup products by L’Oréal, Mac and Revlon face makeup or you are searching for any other brand, Kaymu has onboard, all the leading retailers of face care products in the country.

Knowing Your Skin Type

Before you purchase any skincare product in Nepal, it is really important for you to know your requirements. This involves understanding your skin type, which will help you choosing the product that is truly meant for you. All the renowned cosmetics companies like True Match  and Da Vinci and many more mention intended skin type on each of their products to make sure that their customers can pick the best products as per their skin types. There are many different types of skin; please read below to know about different skin types and get a complete understanding of your skin.

Normal Skin:

The normal skins are always clear and even. The people with normal skin usually do not get blemishes or rough plates. This type of skin naturally produces oil that is needed to give it a dewy look.

Dry Skin:

The people with dry skin face many problems as it does not produce sufficient natural oil and lacks necessary water content. At times, the dry skins have rough patches which make skin look darker and dull. Emporio Armani manufactures world class cosmetics for dry as well as all other skin types.

Oily Skin:

The oily skins come with over-active oil-producing glands. People with skin that has a slick surface within half an hour after washing are those with oily skin. The products meant for oily skins by Diana of London are among the top picks at Kaymu as well as other online cosmetics portals.

Combination Skin:

A combination skin is the one that stays oily at some areas whereas dry at others. Usually, the forehead, nose and chin are the places where people with combination skin find more oil being produced.

Mature Skin:

As a person grows, his/her skin starts to get thinner and delicate. An old skin produces less natural oil and needs to be cared for properly. There are many cosmetics products from renowned brands like Miss Beauty, Lakme etc. that can help such people treating their skins well.