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Have you ever noticed that the entire persona of a stranger is determined by the look of his or her eyes? Well that is quite obvious as eyes are the prime body parts that are noticed on priority whenever we meet somebody. That is the reason why the concept of makeup is utilized in order to boost the outlook and make the eyes more appealing. Eyeliners are essentials that can effortlessly perform this task. The way you apply this cosmetic, depicts the flair of your eyes.

Eyeliner is found in a small container either in the form of liquid, gel, cream, pencil or powder. The common applicator is the tiny brush to smoothly create the beauty mark on eyes. Eyeliner online shopping is another issue but with the services of Kaymu this is no more a tough task. Just spend minor time in registering your account online as purchaser and buy the aesthetic collection of eyeliners in Nepal within couple of days.

For bit more illustration of kinds, look at the following list.

Liquid eyeliner

Bit less denser and sharper form of eyeliner is actually the liquid eyeliner. It is also contained in the small bottle and a brush with tiny tip, used for clear and efficient results. It is highly pigmented and loved by the women because of its long-lasting quality. For applying a fine line, user has to show much more dedication. When applying on the eyes, the wearer has to remain still for few minutes to let the liquid dry.

Cream and gel eyeliner

For bit easy technique of application, go for cream or gel eyeliner. It is also known to be the softer type of eyeliner. Its intensity of color saturation is somehow similar to the one of liquid eyeliner. Gel or cream eye products are also applied via brush. Once you have applied such eyeliner on eyes, it becomes resistant to fading or smudging after drying. Usually available in pot, such eyeliner gives an elegant look for smoky eyes’ style.

Pencil eyeliner

To buy eyeliner online in Nepal, the choice of the most common kind is also apt. As the name suggests, this sort of eyeliner is found in pencil shape. The thin waxy stick is enclosed in the wooden case. The strength of such liners also vary from highly firm to soft. If you are fond of experimenting different shades on your eyes, then this kind is perfect for you as it is not just available in black. Pencil eyeliner is also easy to handle and hence is gentler on skin. The popular brands like Olay and Revlon offer such liners to give the wondrous results on the face.

Powder eyeliner

Powder eyeliners are best for smudgy and smoky flairs. It is usually the tool for blurring the result of liquid liner. Sometimes a thin and flat brush is used for this purpose but some might prefer other applicators. Moreover, it doesn’t create crisp edges like others.