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Eyes have natural glow and beauty but sometimes a person needs a touch of shimmer or more splendor either to attract others or just to satisfy inner self. Fashion industry is huge and hence there are lots of such wares that are supposed to add beauty to eyes. Two of those eye makeup goods are eye shadow and primer. Former adds colors, either in plain shades or with bit of sparkle while latter is a lotion that is applied before makeup.

Considering the types of primers, then there are variations like eyelid primer, foundation primer, mascara primer and lip primer. Primers like foundation ones can also work like moisturizers or they can also absorb oil and create less oily appearance.

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Selecting right class of eye shadow

Eye shadows comprise of ingredients like magnesium stearate, talc, sericite, colorants, preservatives and mica. The fillers which are found in eye shadows are basically talc. Silicone acts as liquid binders and magnesium stearate is actually dry binder. The balance of all these substances make perfect eye shadows. There are also certain types for applications which are as follows.

Powder eye shadow

This type is mostly considered as dry and dull but this is not entirely true. Powder eye shadows can be utilized either in wet or dry form. This sort is quite easy to apply and user can effortlessly alter the style. In most of cases, this powder eye shadow is also used as eyeliner.

Pencil eye shadow

When you are considering for details and want to show creativity on your eyes, then go for pencil eye shadow. This is also best for smudge effect which is imaginative blurred pattern best for evening functions.

Cream eye shadow

Cream eye shadows comprise of soft and smooth material that has to be applied on eyes carefully. There are more chances of it to smudge so intense care is necessary. This is finest for dry skin, if you possess oily one then better avoid it.

Gel eye shadow

Gel eye shadow is known for its long-lasting benefit. This durability feature makes it best for oily skin. It is also comfortable to apply and has variety of colors like other types.

Colors and brands to apprehend

Before eye shadow online shopping, you have an observation of your eye color to select best shade of eye shadow. If you possess blue eyes then the shades like pale golds, deep brown and purple will polish your looks. For green eyes, light grey, dark green, rich purple and yellow beige are apt. For brown eyes, go for dark brown and blues. Brands like MAC, L’Oréal, Urban Decay, Revlon and Lancôme are quality based.