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Extension cords help users’ access electric appliances away from the point of access. Another purpose is to provide more sockets in one place. Extension cords in Nepal can be bought from anywhere. But the easiest way would be to buy extension cords online. These are very handy to use in the house or at work. As mostly we need to use more appliances at once and don’t have enough sockets to plug them in. Electric extension cords come in a large variety. With varying amperage and sockets.

Extension cords prices in Nepal vary according to the manufacturers and the features. The more sockets a cord has, the higher the price. The length of the wire is also important for determining price. Extension cords online shopping through Kaymu can save buyers some money because the website offers time to time discounts.

Types of Extension Cords

There are two basic categories where there are extension cords for the outdoors and indoors. The latter has a generic type with a normal amperage to power household appliances easily. The former, however, further falls into three categories;

Occasional use cords: These are used for small outdoor projects. Daily use tools with low power can be powered through it.

Frequent use cords: They can handle slightly heavier equipment and tools. Their frequent use does not overheat them and so they are durable.

Rugged cords: They are specially designed for job sites. They can be used continually and in extreme weather conditions. They are also compatible with high-amperage equipment.

What you should be looking out for

There are a number of things that you should be looking out for before buying an extension cord. These features include;

Plug Type

You need to check which type of plugs are supported by the extension cord. Whether it has a 2 plug socket or three plug ones. And check the plugs of the devices that you want to power through it. It is always ideal to buy an extension cord that supports both types of plug types because you can need it for any device and any time.


Before buying an extension cord, make sure to check the amperage. That is the maximum current that it can conduct. The devices you need to plug in have their voltage mentioned. You can add them up and know what amperage you require.

Cord Length

Knowing how far you’ll be needing the extension is important. It can only be useful to you if it serves the purpose it’s meant to. The cord length determines how far you’ll be able to take the cord and use it. So take a measuring tape and know the distance beforehand so you don’t buy something irrelevant.

Lighted Plug

This little light on the extension cord tells when the current is running through and conducting electricity. This is a good way of knowing when it is working and when it isn’t. This also warns users when not t touch the power sockets.