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Evaporative coolers in Nepal are quite popular among household appliances because these make a humid and hot day much easier to bear. These are an effective way to beat the heat in summers and spring. There are a number of models that buyers can get according to their choice. Also there are several brands that offer shoppers with evaporation coolers at affordable prices. The main benefit of these coolers are that they are portable and are standing ones rather than fixed ones. Buy evaporative coolers online at Kaymu on affordable prices.

Guide for Buying Evaporation Coolers

There are a number of factors that consumers must take into account when buying coolers. These tips will help you buy the best coolers in a much quicker time period. The first thing to keep in mind is the budget you have in hand. Kaymu offers details about the price and product description which will help you know about the evaporative coolers prices in Nepal.


There are different settings of evaporation that shoppers can get according to their preference. Consumers can select from self-evaporating systems which have a sophisticated unit that can easily evaporate moisture into the hot air. There is a good exhaust system which does not require water to be emptied from the unit. You can also select from fully evaporative systems that evaporate moisture internally. These units do not collect water ever and give the option of leaving the unit running while it is unattended. Get the best prices of air cooler in Nepal at Kaymu.


There are different sizes of air coolers that shoppers can get according to their preference. Depending on where you want to keep the cooler, you can easily determine the size. It is important to buy air cooler in Nepal according to all your requirements. For instance, if you are looking for a cooler for an office then you will require bigger ones. If you want one for your room then you can get a smaller size or medium size.

Electrical Requirements

Since these work on electricity, it is important to take into the amount of voltage the device uses. You can easily match the voltage to where you want to use the air cooler. Offices can easily help run high voltage coolers. Air cooler online shopping is made convenient at Kaymu because of several options under one roof.

Noise Reduction

Since these have evaporation systems in them, there will be noise of the fans and compressor. People who cannot stand noise while sleeping can set a timer for themselves. The timer will help cool the place for some time and turn off after a while. The bigger the size of the cooler will be the more the noise will be. However a number of brands are working on noise reduction systems which are quite in demand these days’. Whether you are using the system at home, work or school, no one likes loud noise of the coolers. So go ahead and grab all your favorite ones online at Kaymu!