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Erke – Inspiring sports in you

A Chinese sportswear brand, Erke was founded in 2000 by HongXing Erke Group. It designs and manufactures sports apparel and accessories thus encouraging the culture of sports among the young generation. The brand has sponsored many sports icons of the Chinese Olympic Team. Erke has earned a prestigious name for itself in the world of sports due to its innovative designs, genius craftsmanship, and advanced technology. Since it's a multinational brand, you can buy Erke products online from its online store which offers reliable and high quality products. Thus it is one of the major lifestyle brands of China.

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Sportswear brands have revolutionized the concept of sports in the society. High-end fashionable sports clothing and accessories are produced by these brands so that customers can enhance their outlook and add to their style statement. There is no Erke online store in Nepal so for customer convenience its products are available at online marketplace like Kaymu. The brand produces premium quality products but at affordable rates so that these are available to a large number of customers. All the latest variety of products manufactured by Erke are available at Kaymu, especially for the mid-range users. The products are durable and trendy.

Erke product catalogue

There are a variety of Erke products in Nepal available for the customers. Each product has specific functions and features. Let's have a look at some of the common products offered by the brand.


Erke manufactures shoes using advanced technology. Erke sports shoes are available for different sports activities, including running, tennis, training, etc. These shoes have an ultra-light outsole for shock absorption when running or jumping. These are made of high quality rubber which is wear-resistant. Some of the Erke shoes, especially running shoes have bounce action technology which helps you in running without tiring your muscles. Many of these shoes are flexible as well as supportive thus enabling you to improve your performance. There are special shoes that feature GDS 3G technology that lessens the shock absorption and ensure fluid motion when you are exercising. There is also a break system within the shoes so that you can stop instantly at one point rather than heading forward a little.


Erke shopping online for shirts and sports pants can be done from Kaymu. The brand offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. among which some are plain and some have graphic designs featured on them. The length of sleeves vary according to the customer preference. There are also pants and shorts made of different materials for both men and women. The clothes produced by the brand are not only breathable but stretchable as well so that you can perform sports activities without any hindrance. Outerwear is also manufactured by the brand that includes jackets and uppers. These are available in different styles and designs with a range of colors.


Erke accessories include hats, backpacks, handbags, etc. made of cotton, leather or other materials. These bags have various compartments so that you can easily organize your stuff in them.