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Areas that are affected by power outbreaks require backup systems to avoid problems. A power outbreak is quite common in Nepal because of electricity shortage. People use different types of methods to see in the dark or to light up a space. Some use candles, lanterns, torchlights and other types of gas lamps. Emergency lights come in handy because these turn on automatically once the power goes. These are commonly used in households, offices and schools because these are quite cheap but very effective. By nature, the emergency light itself works on batteries which can drain out after few hours but lasts for a long time. Now shoppers can buy emergency lights online at Kaymu at affordable prices. There are different types of emergency lights that a number of brands offer. One can easily select the design that best suits their requirements.

Types of Emergency Lights

There are different types of emergency lights that shoppers can get for themselves at affordable prices. Kaymu offers their buyers with a number of discount deals which reduce emergency light prices in Nepal. Following are the types of emergency lights that consumers can for themselves online at Kaymu;

Rechargeable LED Lamps

A rechargeable LED lamp is one of the most common type of emergency lighting system in households and offices. These work on a battery system which can last for few hours without having to get charged. Just make sure that the batteries are charged and you may keep new batteries in hand if the power outage is for a longer time period.

Rechargeable Lanterns

When it comes to buying emergency lights in Nepal, buyers can select from a wide variety of lanterns. Just like lamps, these lanterns work on batteries and needs to get charged. These also work well for camping or hiking trips because these can easily work for the entire night.

Water-proof Emergency Lights

These emergency lights are water-resistant and work extremely well in places that experience frequent rainfall or at the beach. These usually have a heating system built-in internally which helps them deal with wet climate conditions. Some people also use led emergency lights for such conditions but they are not effective as the water-proof ones.

Crank-Powered Flashlights

These flashlights are bigger in size as compared to a normal flashlight and these do not require batteries. Once you have charged the flashlight, it can work for hours which is a good option for emergency lighting.

Installation Process

There are a number of ways you can install the emergency lights around your house or office. Some lights are installed to the walls or floor, depending on which type you get one can easily fix them. Getting the lights installed is a good idea because these will turn on automatically when the light goes. So these are wired into a switch and once the switch goes off because of power outage, the light will turn on. Also there are different sizes of lights that you can get according to your choice.