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Importance of electric supplies

Can you imagine a world without electricity? It is a necessary requirement in today's time. We'll be back into the Stone Age era if there's no more electricity available. From switching on a fan to using internet, electricity has become an integral part of our lives. This energy is supplied to you from AC or DC electric supplies through fixtures, conduit wires, sockets, etc. This ensures safe transmission of energy through efficient means. These electrical equipment will help you perform a number of functions such as switch on the TV, charge your phone or laptop, or use some household appliance, etc.

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There is an assortment of products when it comes to electric supplies. Each product has a different style and design and performs unique functions. Due to advancement of technology, new electric products are being introduced into the market with upgraded features and functions. You can buy electric supply products online, which are available at Kaymu in latest designs in Nepal. All these products are durable and long-lasting. These are both practical and safe to use, thus ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Electric supply prices in Nepal are quite affordable at Kaymu so that these are accessible to a large customer base.

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All the electric products require a safe outlet to work. All electricity applications can be performed through better functioning of these supplies. If there's a breakage or power failure in any of the supplies, electricity will not be transmitted to the appliance, thus making its useless. There are a variety of electrical supplies in Nepal which are commonly used by people today.


Electrical sockets are a device which allows current to flow smoothly with the sole purpose of providing energy to a device attached to them. They vary in current rating, voltage, and size and design. There are mainly two common types of power sockets in Nepal, two plug sockets and three plug sockets. They are used for domestic, industrial, as well as commercial purposes. Whether you are at home, work or some public place, a socket is a must to have. There are also different types of connectors for sockets in different countries. These wall-mounted outlets are easy to use and provide protection against electric shock.

Extension cords:

To provide power to 2-3 devices simultaneously, multi plug extensions are used. These devices have an extension cord or lead at one end with a plug and a multi socket board at the other end. They often have 4-5 sockets with an ideal length of the lead. Some advanced extension do not require a cable since they themselves are plugged into a socket.

Plugs and connectors:

Available in different shapes and sizes, these are produced in different shapes, sizes and voltage. The metal situated at one end of the plug allows smooth electricity transmission. The other side of the connector is a good insulator, made of plastic, thus ensuring our safety and avoiding any mishaps.