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Purchase Duffle Bags to store all your Belongings

A duffle bag is used to transport items like clothing, gym equipment and other belongings safely at one place. These are made from different materials and there are several sizes that buyers can purchase. A duffle bag in Nepal is quite popular because of the functionality it provides. Also it is easy to use as it has plenty of space to store all types of items. It is used by both men and women mostly as a gym bag where one can easily carry everything with them.

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Guide for Purchasing Duffle Bags

When shopping for duffle bags, there are a number of features that shoppers must keep in mind. These tips will allow purchasers to get the right product.

Duffle bag Design

As mentioned before, there are a number of designs or styles of duffle bags that shoppers can purchase. There are three styles of these bags that buyers can get that include;

Travel duffle bag

These bags are designed for travelling that is why the design has more interior structure. There are usually two compartments inside with additional side pockets and zippered closure. When a person is travelling, their bags maybe rough handled by other people at airports. Thus the travel duffle bags are made from strong materials that makes them very durable.  Also these bags have straps which can be adjusted according to your comfort.

Wheeled duffle bag

Wheeled duffle bags are the most classic designs which are still being used. These work well for frequent travelers because one can easily use the wheeled feature. Instead of carrying the bag on your shoulder or arm, you can simply make good use of the wheels by dragging the luggage wherever you want to. These are also known as rolling duffel bags because of way these are designed.

Gym duffle bag

As the name suggests these gym or sports bags are used to carry all gym related equipment, clothes and so on forth. The material is usually very durable because the equipment can be heavy. Also people might want to carry their damp clothes and towels inside the bags as well.


There are different materials from which duffle bags are made in. The most preferred materials are; leather, canvas, nylon & polyester and vinyl. A leather duffle bag is quite in demand because the material is durable and gives the bag a classy look. Canvas bags are thick and this cloth like material gives the bags a relaxed look. Nylon and polyester are lightweight and less expensive. Lastly vinyl is very similar to leather and is a cheaper alternative.

Size of the Bag

There are different sizes of duffle bags that shoppers can purchase according to their requirements. You must first define the purpose of the bags and how much stuff you want to carry. These two factors will help you determine the size of the duffle bag.