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Dslr cameras in Nepal have been around for quite some time now but just which brand will be perfect for you this year is a tough question. With so many bigwigs competing in terms of features and durability, Finding the best available dslr camera for sale is something that confuses a buyer decision all the time. Well if you are a beginner who is shifting from a compact camera to the dslr version, you need not going into the high zoom camera lenses so soon? dslr camera for beginners should be easy to use. Another thing to notice here is the Price of dslr camera varies depending on which model you are opting for. While all high end brands come in close price ranges each has its own benefits as well as add ons.

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Speaking in layman's terms Canon dslr cameras have an edge over Nikon for video making. While many cameras max up to 1080i (I stands for interlace and P for progressive scan, a canon eos 1100d goes much higher. The EOS technology is has been around for over 25 years. Canon eos 600d works best even in low lighting. So if you are looking for something specifically for shooting night the Canon dslr is what you want. Keep in mind that the image might not be as clear as it would be in high light though. Canon dslr camera price in Nepal ranges between USD 500 to USD 1500 depending on which model you are opting for.

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Nikon dslr cameras are great in terms of user interface especially for beginners. Nikon d3100 gives you a better understanding of what is happening inside of the camera. Usually with DSLR many of us don't even use half of the features and just take straight forward photos. Then why buy a dslr if you won't be using it to its full capacity. To know what is happening and how to use the features, user interface is very important. Nikon d90 is also a good option as it shows you in real time what happens to the lenses etc. as you move the buttons. With Nikon d7000 you can also shoot stereo sound. It comes with a built in micro phone with which you can get creative. So if you are into making documentaries or even vlog Nikon series, Nikon d5100 and some others should be your choice.dslr camera price in Nepal is set at international standards so you can easily buy from here.

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cameras by Sony are known for their large screens. A larger screen is always better to have especially when you are shooting video. These cameras have an ISO rating between 100 to 6400. The lower the ISO rating the more sensitive your film would be to the image that is being shot. These DSLR cameras also adjusts to this setting automatically. The Sony is also a reputable brand name. To make your shopping experience worth a while, Kaymu Nepal offers best deals and discounts on dslr camera price in Nepal throughout the year. Not only that, you can order our dslr cameras for sale and get them delivered at your doorstep in kathmandu, biratnagar and other major cities in Nepal with cash on delivery.