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Many people believe that desktop computers in Nepal have been dead for years. They think that tablets and laptops have replaced the desktop. However the opposite is true for desktops. Today we see more invention and technology revival in desktops in 2014 than there has been at any point before. Unlike previous models most desktops are connected to LED screens now days. These screens have sharper colors and clearer picture. The screen thickness has also been reduced to several inches. This size reduction gives you more space to move it around on narrower tables. The ultra slim screen of led screens has been achieved by separating its power supply to an external cord. The new led screens also take less energy (20W) compared to lcds (40W). Cheap desktop computers can also be bought for use at home. As for the home you want something that runs basic functions with a decent motherboard and offers sufficient multimedia services.

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Before you make the final purchase of desktops in Nepal it is always best to scrutinize it through four key aspects. Firstly you need to look at its physical design, see how the overall shape and weight of the gadget is. You don't want a desktop that looks like a commodore 64. The features of course are also very important. The only reason we buy a computer is for what extra one brand can give us over the older one we already own. Thirdly measure its value in a price to performance ratio. You can also compare its price to other brands. Apple desktop price in Nepal is higher than most other desktops but its response time and speed trumps over all other aspects. Lastly the performance, before the purchase it is difficult to see how your desktop will work. At this point in time you can trust Kaymu's review on individual computers.

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Many desktops are specifically designed for a purpose. Professional gaming desktops require a heavier motherboard compared to a desktop used at home. While gaming desktops and laptops are a story for another day, desktops at office are a vital category as well. Desktops are usually bought in large offices for people who need not take their work home. Keeping the computer inside the office makes it easier to manage inventory and office assets but more importantly it encourages people to finish work on time. With laptops many employees subconsciously keep delaying work thinking that they will do it home. Desktops are also low maintenance as compared to work laptops. They are fixed in one place and their longevity passes any given laptop within the same price range. Desktops make work a lot easier, typing on the separate keyboard and having an independent mouse reduces burden on the hands. For someone who works on computers all day long a bigger screen of the desktop is really a treat for the sore eyes. We recommend the hp pavilion desktop computers for office use.