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Buy Dell products online in Nepal at Kaymu

Dell was founded in Texas, USA in 1984. It is a leading manufacturer of computer electronics and hardware. It is well-renowned for its amazing range of products, including computers, laptops and accessories like mouse, keyboard etc. It reported a revenue of USD 59 million in 2015, which shows the massive success it has enjoyed over the years. It employs a total of more than 103000 people worldwide, which shows its presence and popularity all over the world. You can now buy Dell products online in Nepal at Kaymu at amazing prices.

How to buy Dell products in Nepal

Dell manufactures a range of products. Dell laptops are the brand’s bestselling items. In laptops, you can get ultra-books, notebooks etc. These devices are great for portability. Modern laptops are slim and lightweight, making it really easy to carry them around from one place to another. But this does not mean that they do not perform. These devices perform exceptionally well. It all depends on your needs and the type of laptop you get to cater to those needs. RAM, processor, storage capacity etc. are some key considerations when buying laptops. Higher the specs, better will be the performance, and obviously higher will be the price as well.

Desktops are no different. In fact, desktops is where it all started for Dell. Dell offered customized desktops to users, who could make their own machine based on their needs. Dell desktops can be commonly found in offices and workplaces.

Along with the desktop, Dell also manufactures LCD monitors. These monitors connect with the CPU to offer an amazing display. In monitors, you need to consider the screen size and resolution. Larger the screen size, more the clarity, but more space will be needed in the room. Screen resolution is another key consideration. Opt for HD screen resolutions for best results. 1080P full HD and ultra HD 4K resolutions offer an amazing viewing experience, but are pricier options as compared to 720P.

What to look for when buying Dell products

Dell also manufactures a range of accessories. These accessories enhance the overall productivity of the devices. Mouse of Dell are durable in nature and offer great performance. Third party mouse often face the problem of not lasting long enough and being prone to malfunctioning.

The gaming community has risen in numbers in the last few years and Dell is also catering to the needs of the gaming community through a range of products. It manufactures gaming laptops and consoles. Gaming laptops differ from other laptops in the way that they are equipped with massive specs and come with a dedicated graphic card. This graphic card is perfect for playing games. In case you need an upgraded graphic card, you can do so by getting one separately.

Dell also offers storage services and cloud services to households and companies. Companies need a lot of storage to keep their data secure and Dell is catering to their needs by offering reliable cloud services.