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There are a lot of pressure cookers in Nepal available in the market these days which can easily confuse you. It is important to know the different types which will help you make the right buying decision. Pressure cookers  and electric stoves & cookers can help you cook something really fast. As compared to a regular stovetop, pressure cookers can go up to higher temperatures. This will help your meal to be cooked very quickly.  There are two main categories of pressure cookers, that is, Stainless steel pressure cookers and Aluminum pressure cookers. The basic feature of a stainless steel pressure cooker is that it helps you cook good quality meals because of the material it is made from. Since stainless steel pressure cookers as suggested by the name are made from stainless steel, are very durable and long lasting. Steel lasts longer than aluminum. On the other hand, aluminum pressure cookers are good conductors of heat and are very lightweight.

Get Most Affordable Pressure Cooker Prices in Nepal

Stainless steel pressure cookers are expensive as compared to aluminum ones. Kaymu is offering you several discounts on both the pressure cookers. All the popular brands in Nepal are available here at Kaymu. One of the most demanded brand is Presto pressure cookers. It offers good quality pressure cookers which are very durable. You can also get pressure cookers by Hawkins, Sanford and Baltra pressure cookers. All the famous brands are available under one roof. This will eliminate the hassle of going out in a busy market and roam around from shop to shop. There are several features of a pressure cooker that you must keep in mind. Look at the capacity of the pressure cooker. There are 3 different pressure cooker capacities which includes- four quarts, six quarts and eight quarts. Out of the 3 types, getting the right one depends on your family size. If you have a family of two then a four quarts pressure cooker will work best for you. Six quarts and eight quarts pressure cookers are good for large families. You should look at the handle of the pressure cooker. When a pressure cooker is filled with food, it gets heavy so it is important that you get the one with large handles which will help you carry it easily. You also look at the base materials of the pressure cookers. There are two types of bases which are, bi-metal and tri-metal. These metals reduce scorching of the base which makes the pressure cooker last longer.

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Kaymu has a huge variety of kitchen appliances. You can pick and choose the one you want. All products will be delivered at your doorstep within few days. Cash will be paid on delivery which makes online shopping convenient. All our crockery products are authentic and sold by verified sellers. You would not have to worry about getting bad quality products. As mentioned before there are several pressure cookers available at Kaymu. They come in all designs and colors. You can get the one that suits your cooking style. So go on ahead and get your favorite one with Kaymu.