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For many people, having a fresh mug of steaming coffee in the morning is an essential start of the day, or a necessary pick up in the afternoon. Owning your own coffee machine is therefore a great and convenient appliance. With Kaymu, you can take a look at the many machines on the market and find the perfect machine at the best price for you. Choose from cafeterias, coffee capsule machines, espresso makers, espresso machines, coffee machines and coffee grinders. Depending on how you prefer your coffee, freshly ground, strong, or super espresso strong, you will find the machine that suits you perfectly. Kaymu allows you to compare the price of machines around the country to find the best deal and buy coffee maker online.

Search through Kaymu to find coffee machines at the best price on the market

Depending on how you like your coffee will determine which coffee machine you buy and with so many to choose from on Kaymu, you will certainly not be disappointed. 

Capsule machines allow you to make individual cups of fresh coffee, saving both electricity, water and coffee. They are efficient and effective and as they fill your cup directly, there is not messy filter to deal with.

Espresso machines allow you to brew fresh, strong coffee through a system of forcing hot water through tightly packed coffee grounds, resulting in a thicker, foamier coffee. You might prefer a coffee machine that filters through a paper into a pot that can stay hot for hours on a heated pad, perfect for the afternoon and ideal to share with friends. You can also find coffee grinders on Kaymu, giving you perfectly fresh coffee ready to use in any machine you choose. Look through our site to find the perfect coffee machine

How to buy coffee maker online

Given the abundance of options, it can never be easy to buy a coffee maker in Nepal. You have to consider several things. Following are the key considerations which will help you get the best coffee machine price in Nepal:

Bar pressure:

The speed at which the coffee meets the steam will determine the overall quality of the coffee. This speed is determined by the bar pressure. Pressure between 15-19 bar is perfect for making a great cup of coffee.


To make the perfect coffee, you need to have water at the perfect temperature. The thermoblock helps you do that as it heats the water with a pump.

Filter holders:

Filter holders hold the coffee granules. They should be air tight and made of materials of the highest quality to retain the coffee's freshness and unique taste. Aluminum is a great choice in this regards.


The valve controls the flow of water. Excess water may cause the coffee to be diluted. Therefore, it is essential that the valve pours an optimum amount of water.


Wattage determines how quickly the water is boiled. Higher the wattage, the quicker the water will boil.