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Clocks have been around ever since ancient men started to measure time. Since the advent of clocks, they are being used to serve many different purposes. There are many different types of clocks available in the market to perform specific functions. Clocks are available on many traditional bricks and mortar retail and departmental stores as well as online on websites such as Kaymu. Kaymu offers a wide selection of many different types of clocks in Nepal online at the most economical prices.

Types of Clocks

Clocks can be classified into many different types. The most common types of clocks along with their details are as follows:

  1. Wall Clock

Though the initial purpose of a wall clock was to tell time, but with the evolving time, this fixture has grown to serve many other functionalities than just merely indicating time. It is used as an essential decorative item used for enhancing the entire home décor of the room and reflects the style and personality of the owner. The art of using the wall clock to accentuate the living space dates back to hundreds of years ago and still prevails in the 21st century regardless of the advent of digital technology. Ajanta wall clocks are highly popular in Nepal due to their design and features.

  1. Pendulum Clocks

As the name suggests, these traditional clocks in Nepal comprise of a pendulum that regulates the time. Considered as a durable timepiece, these clocks are a true classic that are passed on from one generation to another. These heavy weight clocks indicate time by chiming on the hour and half an hour. Pendulum clocks are specifically used to enhance and elaborate formal spaces such as living room.

  1. Digital Clocks

One of the most popular type of clock displays today, digital clocks usually project time using a display technology such as LCD/LED. Many types of alarm clocks come in a digital display. Digital table clocks are widely used in offices and homes.

  1. Atomic Clocks

These clocks are the most precise clocks available today. This type of clock is regulated by the vibrations caused by an atomic or molecular system. Atomic clocks are extremely accurate when it comes to indicating time.

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