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Keep your hair Groomed by using Clippers

Hair clippers or trimmers are day to day utensils used for cutting hair. There are different types of clippers in Nepal that shoppers can get. From manual clippers to electric ones, these can create short haircuts in no time. Usually clippers are designed for men but buyers can also look for some unisex models. There are a number popular brands gemei, philips, sanford, that retail a wide collection of clippers at affordable prices.

Kaymu is offering online consumers with a massive collection of hair clippers at affordable prices. There are a number of discount deals that you can avail which will reduce clipper prices in Nepal.  Whether you are looking for rechargeable clippers, manual ones or electric, all are available for you under one roof at Kaymu!

Guide for Purchasing Clippers

When you decide to buy clippers online in Nepal, there are a number of features that must be kept in mind. These factors will help you purchase the right type of clipper in a quicker time.

Type of Clipper

For men who find it a little difficult for choosing a hair clipper that best suits their style can take help from this guide. The two main categories of clippers are; manual and electric. The manual one as the name suggests needs to be worked manually without the use of power. Electrical clippers have different motors that help run the device.

Clipper Motor

There are three selection of clipper motors from which shoppers can get the one that suits their requirements;

Magnetic motor

This is the most commonly used motor because it is quite cheap as compared to others. The magnetic motor clippers make the blades run very fast which allows smooth hair cutting. Also since the motor is designed downside, it causes more friction and make the running of the blades rapid.

Pivot Motor

This makes the clipper run on an average speed but with a much higher force. Pivot motors work well for thick and heavy hair because of the low speed.

Rotary Motor

This type of motor is the most expensive one and it is heavy duty. There is less noise and the speed of the blade can be adjusted. Rotary motors are generally used by professionals and work well for wet and thick hair.

Wired VS Cordless

Buyers can select from wired and coreless clippers and purchase the one that is most convenient for them. The wired ones need to be plugged in a switch and then be used which can cause problems. The cordless ones usually work on battery and are easier to handle. If you require more speed then go for a wired one because electricity makes them powerful. The cordless ones will work well for people who want low speed of clippers.

Speed Control

All the electric clippers have the option of speed control which the user can adjust according to their comfort level. There are different speed options which can be used for the perfect haircut. Grab your favorite clippers online at Kaymu!