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A lot of chain smokers are always on the lookout for quality tobacco. Tobacco can be consumed in many ways but the most common source of consumption is through cigarettes. In Nepal, there are two main cigarette manufacturing companies, namely PTC and Phillip Morris. You can find all cigarettes in Nepal from these manufacturers as well as imported cigarettes right here at Kaymu Nepal. You can also find a range of stylish lighters on the website at attractive prices.

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Scientific research has shown that cigarettes have extremely harmful effect on our bodies. For this very reason, a number of smokers have quit smoking. But there is a vast majority of those who have tried desperately to quit but are unable to give up smoking. For all such people, e-cigarettes are the best choice. E cigarettes don't have tobacco and only have a minimal amount of nicotine. The smoke is also in vaporized form. You can inhibit the need to smoke by smoking e cigarettes which are less harmful. Bu cutting down your tobacco and nicotine intake, you can gradually quit smoking successfully. You can find all the latest electronic cigarettes in Nepal at Kaymu at amazing prices.

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E-cigarettes are a great invention for all those looking to quit smoking or simply looking to reduce nicotine intake. Usually made up of cartridge, atomizer and battery, e cigarettes are being recommended by doctors as well for all those looking to quit smoking. You can recharge batteries and refill cartridges, enabling you to use e cigarettes for a long time period.

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For all those who smoke, investing in a lighter is a wise option. Zippo lighter is a perfect option. Classy and stylish, Zippo has been around since 1930s. Zippo comes in a metallic body and can be refilled. This means that the buyer actually gets a lighter which lasts forever and which is both superior in performance and offers more value for money. There are also many other lighters to choose from. Torch lighters are great in utility and function. In a country like Nepal where there is constant load shedding, such lighters can have multiple uses such as lighting fire and torch. Torch lighters are also a great option for people who go on treks or campers who require light inside the camp as well as for lighting fire. Kaymu is the best stop for buying quality lighters at affordable prices.

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