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If you are tired of buying new chargers and data cables every other week, then we are so pleased to announce that now all your worries will come to an end. Nowadays, electronic appliances manufacturers put weak and low quality wiring inside these chargers, hence, they last for shorter time frame. Kaymu brings to you a whole new variety of chargers and data cables in Nepal from well-known telecommunication brands which have strong and long lasting wiring inside them, making them durable than all other cables.

Durable Chargers in Nepal from Top Brands

Firstly the buyer needs to decide for what purpose is he buying the charger, is it a spare one or is he buying one charger for more than one cell phone. There are several kinds of chargers that you can find online. We have simple wall chargers, micro USB chargers, universal chargers and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chargers. You can choose according to your priority. Nowadays, vehicle cell phone chargers and instant- battery cell phone chargers are very common too. Chargers from big renowned electronic companies lasts long and can handle 2-3 mobiles at a single time. Pioneer, Shenzhen Owire, Guangzhou SIPU and Apple Data Cables & Chargers are some of the popular brands which are produce high quality data cables and chargers in Nepal. Kaymu ensures to deliver you only genuine products with a promise to offer laptop charger prices comparatively lower than any competitor in the market.

Affordable HDMI to DVI Converter Online at Kaymu

Other than chargers, there is a big lot which needs many other kind of cables and converters. As the technology is taking over all the traditional methods of saving and transferring data, electronic manufacturers are inventing new kinds of cables making the procedures easy and quick. USB mini cables are the data cables which help you transfer data from a mobile to laptop or vice versa. Other cables include HDMI cables, sound cables and various other types. Adapters are in high demand too. Sound Adapter is an extremely flexible audio interface which can be used either with desktop or laptop systems. These adapters get plugged into the USB port in laptops / desktops and the adapters have an outlet at the back where headphone or speaker jack can be plugged. Thus, this adapter helps you attach the earphones or speaker in the laptops which do not have their own earphone jack outlet.

HDMI to DVI converters are also very useful to connect your TVs and laptops. HDMI DTVs display video obtained from existing DVI-equipped products, and DVI-equipped TVs display video from HDMI sources.

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We assist all kinds of sellers and buyers in order to make everyone shop all sorts of computer accessories in a comfortable environment. Our free shipping and cash on delivery makes it a more delightful shopping experience for you. The online catalogues make your trip an easy one by showcasing details about each and every product, now you do not need to be scared about any product because we tell you every fact beforehand. Being Nepals largest online market place, Kaymu Nepal has stocked all genuine laptop chargers for sale at discount prices. Order online and get your laptop chargers in kathmandu, biratnagar, pokhara and other major cities in Nepal with duty-free shipping and payment on time options for better shopping convenience.