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For a long and healthy life, one must get their body fitness right. Cardio and body movements, are important to keep you fit and healthy. Basic cardio, is to get your heart rate right. Just like any other muscle, our heart requires exercise and cardio to increase the blood circulation. Get your body’s positive and happy hormones released by doing a daily cardio and increase your fitness and stamina. Jump start your weight loss program right now whether you’re at home or planning to set up a workout place somewhere with the best machines. Cardio helps you boost your metabolic rate. With Kaymu, you can grab additional deals and discounts on cardio machine prices in Nepal throughout the year.

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Kaymu Nepal has extensive range of cardio machines for sale so you can order them online with comfort of your home. Whether you have a busy routine, or you’re a stay at home person, taking out minimum 30 minutes every day for a basic cardio shall give you immense health benefits. Cardiovascular exercises, come in many different forms and types, such as jumping jacks, use of dumbbells, machines such as treadmills, ropes etc. Stimulating your body movement these equipment’s helps to get your entire body working out. Exercise bikes are very useful, alongside the elliptical trainer giving you more warm up time. With help of kaymu, you can get your hands on your personal favorite cardio machines to cater your workout easily at home anytime.


To get your legs and upper back working out, treadmills allow you to run and brisk walk, and increase your heart rate. This allows a steady warmup before you start any intense full muscular workout. Making your legs strong, treadmill is a very useful equipment to get your fitness goals started. With this you can monitor your calorie burning count, and number of steps and distance that you’ve covered.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are ideal cardio machines to get your back and legs worked out. Keep it easily anywhere, and set your workout time anywhere. This high quality machine, allows the strengthening of your muscles, and muscle toning.

Elliptical Trainers

For all age groups, an equipment that allows you to experience upper and lower body workout is a complete blessing. With an elliptical machine, you get the opportunity to work out all the muscles of your body, which is better than simply cycling or swimming.

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Set your exercise goals right, with the best cardio machines. Kaymu’s extensive range of cardio and fitness machines available for you keep your body fit and healthy. With just a click, you can now get delivery of your cardio machines in kathmandu, biratnagar, pokhara and nationwide in Nepal.