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Make your Camping Trip Great by Getting Essentials

Camping is a popular recreational activity that involves spending time outdoors which can be for several nights and days. In order to ensure that the trip is fun, safe and exciting, there are a bunch of essential items that all campers must have. Depending on where you want to camp, whether you are going for a mountain trek, in the woods or somewhere else, you can select the items you need. For instance, it is not wise to carry a portable heater to a warm place. Do not carry extra burden on you and try to make use of the limited products you have. The whole point of camping is to live off few items which makes the trip thrilling.

Now shoppers can buy camping essentials online in Nepal at Kaymu. There are a number of tents, backpacks, first aid kits and other important camping items available. There are several discount deals that will reduce the overall cost of the products you want to purchase.

Must have Camping Products

There are a number of products that shoppers must have before they head out camping. All these items are important and will help make your trip worth it.

Camping Tents

These are perhaps the most important item to carry in a camping trip. Wherever you decide to stay, the tent will be like your “house” in which you can sleep. There are different types of camping tents in Nepal that buyers can purchase;

Three-season camping tents:

These are designed to be used while camping in specific weathers like spring, summer and fall. These are very lightweight and provide good shelter during the winter time period.

Four-season camping tents:

These work well for every season and even harsh weather conditions like rain and heavy snow. These are much thicker as compared to three-season camping tents.

Warm-weather camping tents:

Work well for warm and humid climates as they provide ventilation and make the campers comfortable.

Bivy tents:

These are only used by a single camper, so for people who enjoy backpacking trips alone can make good use of these tenets. Get the best prices of camping tents in Nepal online at Kaymu.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags can be bought in a number of sizes and there are different types as well.

Rectangular sleeping bags:

These are used for sleeping outside in high or low temperature climates rather than inside the tent. These are bulky and can easily double as a blanket or comforter.

Mummy sleeping bags:

These bags have a hood and taper towards the feet area and the bags can trap heat well.

Barrel sleeping bags:

These are large and do not come with a hood but work well for one person. Purchase online at the most amazing prices of sleeping bags in Nepal at Kaymu.


Backpacks are the most important item to have in the entire trip. All essentials like cookware, food, drinks, blankets, shoes, clothes, first aid kit and sometimes even your tent can be adjusted on the backpack. There are different sizes of backpacks that shoppers can purchase according to their camping needs.