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Our lives are pretty much surrounded by either taking pictures or getting photographed. We have cameras in our phones from which we are constantly snapping pictures of not only ourselves but also the food we eat, clothes we wear, places we visit and generally anything interesting. Modern laptops and tablets also have inbuilt cameras for video conversations and skype. Now there are also some televisions that have an built-in camera or skype calls etc. Kaymu has made online cameras shopping in Nepal much easier and convenient. With best deals and discounts on Camera prices in Nepal, you can choose from largest stock of new cameras from top brands like, sony, canon, Nikon and Samsung at affordable prices. Browse through our selection of cameras for sale available with free home delivery and payment on time options.

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Security cameras are used by shop owners and government officials to keep a check on the general public. Secuirty cameras can also be installed in your homes. Through television you can clearly see who enters or exists the house at any given time. Selfies are pictures that you take of yourself or a group of people including you from your front camera. This trend has been all the rage in the past few years. From Hollywood celebrities to sports starts everyone joined in on the selfie craze. Inadvertently people wanted something longer to fit large groups of people. Hence the selfie stick was created. Now you can buy selfie sticks with adjustable lengths according to the number of people taking picture. The stick also has a convenient picture taking button through which you can snap away without any difficulty. Buy cameras in nepal along with their cameras accessories from Kaymu.

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Before investing in a high quality DSLR one should know exactly what you will be buying it for. If you are into making documentaries and want to pursue something in that field then you will require a camera with inbuilt mic. Nikon cameras might be a good option in such case. The Nikon DSLR has a precise auto focus, built in HDR and mobile connectivity.For someone who is new to slr cameras and just shifting from compact cameras, you need not get into deep specification in fact a dslr with simple layout and easy to use interface would be perfect for such a person. So that he/she knows what each option or button does. Again Nikon is your choice of easy to use cameras. Cannon cameras are our choice in camera for home use. At home you need a dslr that takes phenomenal pictures as well as quality video. Canon is known for its smooth video recording. Canon cameras are also good at shooting in low light; however the picture result may not be as good as in a well lit room. Sony cameras DSLR is our third recommendation, this camera is from an overall reputable brand so it will not cause much of a problem.

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