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Buying a digital high quality camera is undoubtedly an exciting experience however getting it accessorized with the latest equipment is what comes afterwards. Every owner of a DSLR camera desires having a complete range of digital camera accessories to make their photography and video shooting experience worth remembering. Besides, people who are new to photography and are yet learning new skills and practicing new techniques of photo and video capturing also require buying full range of accessories including camera lenses to make the most out of their experience.

Range of Camera Accessories at Kaymu Nepal

Kaymu being your online shopping destination for all kinds of camera accessories in Nepal offers all kinds of accessories to suit your photography cravings.

Camera Bag:

The most important accessory that you can't afford to overlook is the camera bag or camera backpack. There can't be a better way to carry your camera around than by buying a nice looking camera bag. This would not only ensure easy carriage but would also provide maximum protection to your valuable camera.

Camera Strap:

Strap for camera is the perfect accessory for those photographers who want to be ever ready to capture valuable moments. The camera straps are available at Kaymu in different sizes, designs and materials to suit different requirements.


In order to make sure that your photographs are crisp and do not get blurred due to shake of your hand, you should opt for a tripod stand. There are a large number of tripod stands in Nepal available at Kaymu including those for traditional, small or large sized cameras.

Tripod Head:

Usually professional photographers do not find it sufficient to have a tripod stand; a tripod head is also one of the necessary accessories that help you taking flawless photos. This smart tool helps you taking photos from different angles without requiring you to hold breath and stand like a robot while taking photos from difficult angles.

Lens Filters:

Those who are seeking ways to adding flair to basic photography should not miss out lens filters. They let you add color or texture to the most basic photographs and the possibilities of snapping super shots are almost endless with lens filters.

Battery Pack:

A nice quality battery pack would help you continuously taking pictures without having to worry about the battery running off. A good battery pack provides your camera, hours of backup. There are many different types of battery packs available at Kaymu including those which are mobile charting, solar charging, etc.

Remote Release:


With this smart tool, a photographer can make his hands totally free from holding a camera. In this case, he would only adjust the camera in the right angle on tripod stand and do the rest with a remote. Taking photos was never too easy! Thanks to remote release and Kaymu's online range of camera accessories at best prices in Nepal.