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There is a wide range of calculators in Nepal available at Kaymu, a leading online marketplace, from simple models with basic functions to sophisticated graphing calculators. A calculator allows the user to make different calculations from fairly simple to complex in nature. The first thing to keep in mind while online calculator shopping in Nepal is to identify which type of calculator you will need. If you need a calculator for making simple mathematical calculations, then investing in expensive scientific calculators with unnecessary functions is a bad idea.

This guide will help you in choosing the ideal calculator to meet your needs.

Different Types of Calculators Price in Nepal:

In order to make an informed buying decision, it is essential to know the various types of calculators available. A basic calculator will be of little use to someone pursuing higher educations, whereas an advanced graphing calculator will serve no purpose to a kid in elementary math class. There are four main types of calculators available: four function, scientific, financial and graphing.

Four Function Casio Calculators for Computing Simple Equations:

The four function calculator is the most basic type of calculator that can undertake four arithmetic functions, namely division, multiplication, subtraction and addition. Compared to other types of calculators, these are the most inexpensive ones. They are perfect for use at home or school for making basic calculations and computing simple equations. These calculators incorporate bigger keys and an easy to read display to make it more user friendly.

Yasuda Calculators; the Ultimate Graphing Calculators:

The most advanced kind of calculators are graphing calculators, they are needed for carrying out complex mathematical calculations. They are widely used in specialized industries including engineering and programming. These calculators offer a wide range of functions and some models can easily perform several functions simultaneously. They have a far greater memory capacity, offer built in memory, are programmable and can solve equations so you can view them in the future.

HP Calculators; Most Innovative Scientific Calculators:

Scientific calculators in Nepal are widely used in a classroom setting to help the pupils in solving hexadecimal, binary and trigonometric equations. If you are looking for a scientific calculator that you can use while taking a standardized test, then HP calculator is perfect for you.

Financial Calculators to Solve Intricate Financial Equations:

These types of calculators are mostly used in industries, such as banking and accountancy. Students who are studying accounting or business courses also need such calculators to deal with advanced financial equations. These calculators include supplementary inflow and outflow keys, PV (Present value) and FV (Future Value) keys.

Buying Scientific Calculators Online at Kaymu:

A wide range of calculators is available exclusively at Kaymu Nepal. You can browse through our catalogue that features calculators from some of the leading brands, including Casio calculators and Hewlett-Packard calculators. You can also take advantage of millions of exciting deals on home and office electronics including calculators. Kaymu also offers cash on delivery feature and the product reaches you at your doorsteps without any hassle.