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In this present day era, where were are surrounded by electronic devices which requires a cable to function. There are different type of cables which people would need depending on the technology and gadget. Cables needed for charging, connection with other devices or electricity and for many other purposes. All kinds of cables are available on an online marketplace, Kaymu at affordable rates. Discount deals also makes it economical thus cable prices in Nepal are set to meet needs of consumers.

HDMI cables, USB, charging cables and Data cables are most frequently bought types of cable.

Buying Guide for Cables

These cables and wires are used for several purposes according to your need, get a cable which is specially made to fulfil that purpose. These three types of cable are compatible with every kind of gadget and device;

HDMI Cables

HDMI is an abbreviation for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. These cables are used to connect several devices to one another. HDMI cables are mostly used to connect television with your PlayStation, sound system as well as audio devices. With the help of these cables HD quality picture and sound is heard. There are five types of HDMI connection cables available which buyers must select according to the device they wish to connect and its compatibility. For connector type A and B, HDMI 1.0 cables are used. Connector type C, HDMI 1.3 works best and for connector type D and E, HDMI 1.4 cables are compatible. There are cables which works differently on different speed. Depending on the speed you want choose wires from standard, high speed and high speed with Ethernet cables. HDMI to VGA Converter Cable are used now a days to connect projectors and PlayStation to have an HD experience. HDMI cable prices in Nepal are observed to be low at Kaymu.

USB and Charging Cables

These cables are used for making connections between cell phones, laptops and tablets. USB cables are used not just to connect but also to charge these devices and transfer data from one device to another. There are different USB connectors available which buyers can opt according to their need. Standard A, Standard B, mini and micro, USB 2.0, 3.0 are commonly used types. If you want to make more connection a USB hub is also available which connects several devices to each other.


Data Cables

A data cable is used to transfer data from one device to another. There are different types of these data cables available ranges from Ethernet cables, coaxial cables and optical fiber cables. These cable function well when they are compatible with the device you are using.


Tips for choosing a cable

Cable length, its material, isolation, compatibility, port size are some of the aspects which shall be analyzed before buying all these types of cable. These all factors would depend on the purpose of buying which will differ from person to person. Now you can buy cables online in Nepal by just clicking in electronic section of Kaymu.