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Buy Good Quality t-Shirts for Boys in Nepal

Children grow quickly during their infancy years. This means that parents need to keep stocks of clothing all the time. Young children are hyper and always indulge in activities which lead to wear and tear of clothes, particularly tops and t-shirts. Boys are energetic and their play habits could be rough, making it important to buy more and more clothes. There are variety of options available for boys, in various styles and materials. Parents shall be aware of different cuts, designs and materials which should best suit their child according to age and body weight. Boys t-shirts in Nepal are made keeping weather in mind and good quality of these shirts are available online at Kaymu.

There are certain factors which we need to keep in mind before making a purchase;


Size would depend according to the age and body type. Sizes for newborn babies starts with monthly classifications. There are sizes available for infants till 2 then later on according to the age, they come under young category. The sizes are based on growth factors; weight, height, age and body type. These specifications may vary by brand. Therefore, before making a purchase read all the sizing details and then place an order.


Although there are plenty of materials available, but boy’s shirts are usually made of materials such as; cotton, cotton polyester, cotton spandex, fleece, organic and much more. Quality matters a lot during infancy and also young age. This is because a bad material cloth could rash a child or irritate him. Many children could be allergic to some sort of cloth material so before making a purchase, get all the knowledge about your child. Buy t-shirts for boys from Kaymu at discounted price.

Designs and Cuts

There are several designs available for boys such as; t-shirts, wide variety of these are available in different materials according to size and height. These shirts could be found in two types of sleeves length as well. Half sleeves t-shirts could be used in summers whereas full sleeves t-shirts could be worn in winters. Other cuts such like, button-front shirts are also available which are formal wear for boys and are usually made up of cotton material. Polo t-shirts are another type of design which is a popular choice.

Designs could be according to your child’s or yours personal preference. For infant lot, cartoons and super hero made logos could attract more. Buy colors which are prominent and bright in early years of life then later switch to subtle colors.

Care is Necessary

Care for clothes is necessary since young ones make their clothes dirty. Wash properly and with care with a good quality detergent.

Number of options available, ranging from colors, designs to sizes, people now prefer online shopping for t-shirts because it’s a convenient method of buying.

Boys t-shirts pricesin Nepal are kept affordable online shopping community, Kaymu to meet the over growing demand of customers.